Misbah-uz-Zulam, Roots of the Karbala’ Tragedy

This book discusses the causes of the tragedy of Karbala’ and it will also throw light on numerous other matters, which are yet unknown to the vast majority of Muslims.

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  1. Dedication
  2. Arab Civilization on the Eve of the Prophet’s Arrival
  3. Religion of Arabs at the time of Prophet Muhammad
  4. Worship And Dealings during the Prophet’s Time
  5. Violation of Orders about Usamah’s Army
  6. A Look at The Phrase: “We Have The Book Of Allah With Us”
  7. Beginning Of Imamiyah and Non-Imamiyah Ways and a Brief Description Of Both
  8. Quranic Affairs
  9. Fadak Affair
  10. A Discussion About the Phrase of ‘She Frowned’ (Ghadhibat)
  11. Lady Fatima’s Sorrow and the Author
  12. What Does Umar’s Behavior Show?
  13. Legal Viewpoint in the Fadak Affair
  14. Helpers Of Judgment On Fadak
  15. The Rest of the Fadak Tragedy
  16. Opponents Make Light of the Fadak Affair
  17. Causes Of Aale Muhammad’s Dishonor
  18. Atrocities on Muhammad’s Progeny and how they Bore Them Patiently
  19. A Glance at the Religious Leadership of Muhammad’s Progeny
  20. Compilation of Quran and Its Harmful Effect On The Religious Leadership Of Bani Hashim
  21. Second Cause Of The Decrease Of Religious Significance Of Bani Hashim
  22. A Discussion About Sunni and Imamiyah Faith
  23. Examples Of Dissociation Of The Two Sects
  24. Imams of the Prophet’s Family
  25. Important Warning
  26. Examples of Religious Differences Between The Two Sects
  27. Need Of Unity Among Muslims
  28. The Religion of Imamites is The Religion of Ahlul Bayt
  29. The Desired Success Of Ahlul Sunnat Faith
  30. Differences Of The Principles With Regard To The Tragedy Of Karbala’
  31. Beliefs Of Ahlul Sunnat And Imamiyah With Regard To Caliphate
  32. The Arson
  33. After The Arson
  34. Decrease in the Respect Of Ahlul Bayt From The Aspect Of The Rule Of Consensus
  35. Inappropriate Titles That Decreased The Respect Of Muhammad’s Progeny
  36. A Glance At The Title Of Siddiq Akbar
  37. A Glance At The Title Of Farooq Aazam
  38. A Glance At The Title Of Saifullah
  39. Siddiqa, An Exclusive Title Of Lady Fatima
  40. Decrease in the Respect Of Amirul Mo-Mineen In Relation To The Marriage Of Umme Kulthum
  41. Belief in The Holy Five is The Exclusive Belief Of Shias
  42. Caliphate Cannot Be Divorced From Imamate
  43. Writings Based On The Superiority Of Ali And The Proof Of His Caliphate
  44. The Greater Battle Of Badr
  45. Battle Of Uhud
  46. Battle Of The Ditch
  47. Battle of Khaybar
  48. Battle Of Hunayn
  49. The Tragedy of Karbala’ Is the Natural Consequence of Some Unnatural Factors
  50. Yazeed’s Allegiance and the Tragedy of Karbala’
  51. Justification Of The Martyrdoms Of Imams Hasan And Husayn
  52. Infallibility and Fallibility of Imam Husayn
  53. The Absurd Belief Of Tafzeeliya Sect
  54. Piranepir And Sadaat Hasani
  55. Caliphate is From Allah or Caliphate is From People – Its Connection with Composition of Marsiya (Elegy) Writing
  56. ‘Devotion’ Of Maulavi Nazir Ahmad to the Holy Prophet and His Family
  57. Tragedy Of Karbala’ Demands Close Attention
  58. Husayn’s Side
  59. Yazeed’s Side
  60. Destruction of the Imam’s Enemies
  61. Philosophy of Karbala’ Tragedy And Distribution Of Wisdom
  62. Manners And Etiquettes
  63. Determination
  64. Civic Sense
  65. Revolutionary Condition of Bani Hashim
  66. Writer’s Belief
  67. Abu Bakr’s Caliphate in the View of Ali
  68. Value Of Abu Bakr’s Caliphate
  69. Caliphate From People Or Caliphate From Allah
  70. A Close Look At The Present Situation Of The World
  71. Caliphate Of The Prophet In The View Of The Two Sects
  72. Verse Of The Cave
  73. A Glance At The Verse Of “Wallazeena Ma-Ahu” (And Those With Him)
  74. A Glance At The Prevalent Sufism
  75. Abu Bakr’s Leading Of Prayer
  76. Descendants Of Ahlul Bayt (Sadaat) Were Slave Children
  77. Islam and the Two Caliphs
  78. The Verse Of Surah Noor Discussed
  79. Analysis Of The Tradition, “My Companions Are Like Stars; You Will Be Guided, If You Follow Any Of Them.”
  80. Existence Of Mahdi, Master Of The Age
  81. Lineage Of Imam Mahdi
  82. Some Important Topics: Abdullah Ibn Saba And Shiaism
  83. Superiority Of Abu Bakr And Umar According To Zaidiya Traditions
  84. Sahifa Kamila And Merits Of The Two Caliphs
  85. Martyrdom Of Imam Husain And Yazeed’s Desire
  86. Lady Khadija And ‘A’ysha
  87. Ja’far, The Liar (Kazzab)
  88. Muhammad Ibn Hanafiya And Imam Zainul Aabideen
  89. Ahlul Sunnat And Lady Shaharbano
  90. Parents Of The Holy Prophet And The Imams
  91. Was Abu Talib a Disbeliever?
  92. Why Ali Did Not Take Up Arms Against The Caliphs?
  93. Allegation That Abdullah Ibn Umar Paid Allegiance To Yazeed
  94. Muawiyah Ibn Abu Sufyan
  95. Yazeed Bin Muawiyah Bin Abu Sufyan
  96. A Thirty-Year Caliphate
  97. Jurisprudence Based On Personal Opinion and Analogy
  98. Seeing Allah
  99. According To Ahlul Sunnat It Is Permitted To Curse The Imamiyah Sect
  100. Is Ali Inferior To Abu Bakr And Umar Even From The Lineage Point Of View?
  101. To The Kind Attention Of Muslims
  102. Zaid Ibn Ali Ibn Husayn, Or Zaid The Martyr
  103. Khalid Bin Walid
  104. Ahlul Sunnat And Bani Abbas Caliphs
  105. Objection Against The Counting Of Imams As Counted By Mulla Abdul Rahman Jami
  106. Speech And Activities Of Muawiyah Ibne Yazeed
  107. Types Of Traditions Of The Pure Imams
  108. Use Of Analogy And Personal Opinion Are Not Shia Practices
  109. Merits Of Abu Dharr Al-Ghifari, Ammar Bin Yasir, Abdullah Bin Masood, Owais Qarni And Salman Farsi
  110. Excellence Of Chief Of Ladies, Fatima Zahra
  111. Types Of Sunni Traditions
  112. Bashir, An Opponent Of Ali Among The Narrators Of Ahlul Sunnat
  113. Muawiyah and the Derogatory Remarks For His Eminence Ali
  114. Lovers of Muawiyah Today
  115. Similarity of Circumstances of the Prophet’s Family with That of Moosa and Isa
  116. Fifteen Traditions That Prove the Caliphate and Imamate of the Twelve Imams
  117. Verses Of The Holy Quran Proving The Caliphate Of His Eminence, Ali
  118. Verses Proving The Caliphate Of Three Caliphs
  119. Unlawful Matters of Abu Bakr and Umar’s Caliphate
  120. Unlawful Acts Of Umar
  121. Islam And The Faith Of Three Caliphs
  122. Matter Of Inheritance
  123. Debate Of Good And Evil, Compulsion And Free Will
  124. Piety Of His Eminence, Ali
  125. Excellence Of Shias
  126. Dissimulation (Taqayyah)
  127. Causes That Compelled the Imamiyah Sect to Adopt Dissimulation
  128. Value Of Dissimulation
  129. Tabarra
  130. Mourning For Imam Husain
  131. Mutah (Temporary) Marriage
  132. First Case Of False Testimony In Islam
  133. Umar And Bravery
  134. How This Writer Converted To Shiaism?
  135. Reason of Leaving the Hanafite Faith
  136. A Few Examples of Abu Hanifah’s Analogy
  137. Faith And Jurisprudence Of Abu Hanifah
  138. The Author’s Dreams
  139. Important Points Regarding Dreams
  140. An Important Letter