Morals for Children and Young

This book provides good ideas to parents on upbringing of their children, with family values and morals.

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  1. A Word from the Translator
  2. Story n. 1: Little Ahmad’s Present
  3. Story n.2: Attachment with the name of Hazrat Fatima (sa)
  4. Story n. 3: Good children and permission from father and mother
  5. Story no. 4: Preparation of children for Prayer
  6. Story no. 5: Children and respect for fathers and mothers
  7. Story no.6: First Salaam, then conversation
  8. Story no. 7: The Door Bell
  9. Story no. 8: Friendship of a liar
  10. Story no. 9: Raza and Jafar on their way to school
  11. Story no. 10: Little Ali’s story
  12. Story no. 11: Siddiqa in the gathering of guests
  13. Story no. 12: Hameed and Hameeda
  14. Story no. 13: Story of Akbar and Mahmood
  15. Story no. 14: The children’s beds
  16. Story no. 15: Peeping in the house of neighbours
  17. Story no. 16: The boy on the cycle
  18. Story no. 17: The children and the birds
  19. Story no. 18: Jameela and her apology from her mother
  20. Story no. 19: The hungry and thirsty cat
  21. Story no. 20: Girls of the house and helping their mother
  22. Story no. 21: Taking trouble for neighbours
  23. Story no. 22: Respect of old people
  24. Story no. 23: Scolding better than love?
  25. Story no. 24: Visiting the sick grandmother
  26. Story no. 25: Salaam, good morning
  27. Story no. 26: Kabeer and Qadeer on their way to school
  28. Story no. 27: The ill boy on the corner of the street
  29. Story no. 28: Help should be done in this way.
  30. Story no. 29: Jamaal and the hurt cat.
  31. Story no. 30: Before the unpleasant happenings.
  32. Story no. 31: Safety of trust
  33. Story no. 32
  34. Story no. 33: Karbalai Kazim’s children
  35. Story no. 34: Jawad and familiarity with the book.
  36. Story no. 35: Treachery of Aqa Asadullah’s son
  37. Story no. 36: Shamsi and rudeness to others
  38. Story no. 37: Behrouz - The boy who played with pigeons.
  39. Story no. 38: Mu’in - the boy who pestered people
  40. Story no. 39: Narjis and her complaints against the other children of the house
  41. Story no. 40: Jawad playing with Naser
  42. Story no. 41:Majid and an action against etiquettes.
  43. Story no. 42:Unhappiness of Miss Zahra
  44. Story no. 43: Habib, the son of Mashhadi Abbas.
  45. Story no. 44:The chicks of the house.
  46. Story no. 45: The neighbours boy on a tricycle
  47. Story no. 46:Sound of the Radio
  48. Story no. 47: The recess-time of the school.
  49. Story no. 48:Saeeda and request for chadar
  50. Story no. 49: Trees of the street
  51. Story no. 50: The thirsty animal on the corner of the street.
  52. Story no. 51:A friendly gathering in the park.
  53. Story no. 52:The fatherless girl.
  54. Story no. 53: Why the friendship of Nusrat and Heshmat did not have durability.
  55. Story no. 54: Unhappiness of Rasheed from the ridiculing of children.
  56. Story no. 55: Umid and his apology from his friend.
  57. Story no. 56: Iqbal’s recommendation about brushing teeth to Fatih
  58. Story no. 57:In front of the television.
  59. Story no. 58: On Mothers’ Day
  60. Story no. 59: On teachers’ day.
  61. Story no. 60: Hoori in the wedding ceremony.
  62. Story no. 61:Rau’fa and hygiene of hands and mouth.
  63. Story no. 62: Respecting aunt instead of mother.
  64. Story no. 63:Attachment of Aqa Abul Fazl
  65. Story no. 64: Why we attend classes.
  66. Story no. 65: Why Nadeema did not go to the Wedding ceremony.
  67. Story no. 66: Contentment in stationary.
  68. Story no. 67: We saw European children.
  69. Story no. 68: Worker of the house.
  70. Story no. 69: Hami at the table.
  71. Story no. 70: Wajeeh at the table
  72. Story no. 71:Generous help by the children.
  73. Story no. 72: Simin and Amin’s quarrel.
  74. Story no. 73: Teaching bad things.
  75. Story no. 74: Scaring of children.
  76. Story no. 75: Disagreement of the children.
  77. Story no. 76: The children’s complain against their parents.
  78. Story no. 77: Writing on the walls.
  79. Story no. 78: Advice about cleanliness.
  80. Story no. 79: Atabak and running away from school.
  81. Story no. 80: Loss of over-eating.