Mushaf Fatimah (a.s)

A detailed and thoroughly referenced text shedding light on what has been referenced in numerous Shi'a Hadith as "Mushaf Fatimah [a]" and "Mushaf Ali [a]". The author goes into detail regarding the reliability of these narrations and the opinions of our eminent scholars regarding these Masahif.

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  1. Translator’s Introduction
  2. Translator’s note
  3. Author’s Introduction
  4. What is Mushaf Fatimah?
  5. Mushaf in classical writings
  6. Other books by Lady Fatimah (a.s)
  7. Reliability of the narrations regarding Mushaf Fatimah
  8. Regarding the Mushaf: its author, scribe, content and size
  9. Mushaf Fatimah and the Mushaf of the Companions
  10. Angelic Discourse With Those Who Are Not Messengers
  11. Inquiries regarding the Mushaf