On the Shore of Contemplation, Volume 1

This text is a response to some inquiries about the nature and role of the Governance of the Jurist (Wilayatul Faqih). The author discusses in this text some of the important issues related to Wilayatul Faqih; for example, whether the Jurist's authority is limited or absolute, whether he is elected or appointed, and whether it is obligatory to follow his orders.

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  1. Foreword by the Publisher
  2. Foreword
  3. The Authority of the Jurist (Faqih): Absolute or Limited?
  4. The Supreme Leader: Elected or Appointed?
  5. The Necessity of Following the Orders of the Supreme Leader
  6. Criticizing the Supreme Leader
  7. The Possibility of Error on the part of the Supreme Leader
  8. Addendum: Governance of a Jurist and Jurisprudence