One Hundred And Fifty Lessons For Life

In this wonderful book compiled by Ayatullah Nasir Makarim Shirazi, the reader learns many beautiful and beneficial narrations from the Ahlul Bayt (as) that teach us how to live a successful life based on the true Sunnah of the Prophet (S). The short but powerful traditions found within this short book serve as amazing examples of Islam's morals and attributes for those who wish to know some of this religion by means of a brief study. The original Arabic traditions are coupled with translation, as well as eloquent descriptions for the benefit of the reader.

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  1. Translator Dedication
  2. Contents of This Book
  3. Biography of the Author
  4. Lesson one: Thinking, reflection, meditation
  5. Lesson Two: Measure of Deliberation
  6. Lesson Three: What About the Soul's Food?
  7. Lesson Four: Role of The Pen
  8. Lesson Five: Between Two Great Responsibilities
  9. Lesson Six: Causes for Destruction of a Society
  10. Lesson Seven: Indolence and Poverty
  11. Lesson Eight: Rain of Knowledge On Hearts
  12. Lesson Nine: Source of Arrogance
  13. Lesson Ten: Three Worthy Things Before God
  14. Lesson Eleven: Martyrdom of Imam Husayn (a.s.)
  15. Lesson Twelve: Two Signs of a Real Muslim
  16. Lesson Thirteen: Fire of Anger
  17. Lesson Fourteen: Source of Wealth
  18. Lesson Fifteen: The Worst Profession
  19. Lesson Sixteen: Mastership and Captivity
  20. Lesson Seventeen: Hypocrisy and Affectation
  21. Lesson Eighteen: Envy
  22. Lesson Nineteen: Those deprived from God’s mercy
  23. Lesson Twenty: The Worst Friends
  24. Lesson Twenty One: Completion of work
  25. Lesson twenty two: Everlasting Programs
  26. Lesson Twenty Three: The Most Severe Punishment
  27. Lesson Twenty Four: Calamity of Debt
  28. Lesson Twenty Five: A Healthy Social Life
  29. Lesson Twenty Six: Key of Misfortunes
  30. Lesson Twenty Seven: Signs of the People of Paradise
  31. Lesson Twenty Eight: Signs of a Hypocrite
  32. Lesson Twenty Nine: Counsel
  33. Lesson Thirty: Speech and Silence
  34. Lesson Thirty One: Delight of Forgiveness
  35. Lesson Thirty Two: Asceticism in its Real Sense
  36. Lesson Thirty Three: The rank of those who refrain from sins
  37. Lesson Thirty Four: The Best People
  38. Lesson Thirty Five: Worship of Free Men
  39. Lesson Thirty Six:What Breaks Man’s Back
  40. Lesson Thirty Seven: Be clean
  41. Lesson Thirty Eight: Consequences of Ignorance
  42. Lesson Thirty Nine: Foundations of Guidance
  43. Lesson Forty: Mourning
  44. Lesson Forty One: Examine Yourself Everyday
  45. Lesson Forty Two: Belief is Stronger than Iron
  46. Lesson Forty Three: Reality of unity and divine justice
  47. Lesson Forty Four: Some Signs of Belief
  48. Lesson Forty Five: World Is Not The Final Purpose, Rather It Is A Means
  49. Lesson Forty Six: Man, what is your price?
  50. Lesson Forty Seven: Truth and Falsehood
  51. Lesson Forty Eight: Most valuable heritage of Arab
  52. Lesson Forty Nine: Those who Defraud and Cheat
  53. Lesson Fifty: Slander
  54. Lesson Fifty One: Signs of an Oppressor
  55. Lesson Fifty Two: There is no incurable disease
  56. Lesson Fifty Three: Why are Favors Lost?
  57. Lesson Fifty Four: Martyrdom and Purity
  58. Lesson Fifty Five: Self Sacrificing Lovers
  59. Lesson Fifty Six: The Wise and The Fool
  60. Lesson Fifty Seven: The Real Religious Men Are Few
  61. Lesson Fifty Eight: Justice Among Children
  62. Lesson Fifty Nine: You Are Always Being Watched
  63. Lesson Sixty: Neither Flattery, Nor Envy
  64. Lesson Sixty One: Help Your Brothers
  65. Lesson Sixty Two: Do Not Dwell On The Past
  66. Lesson Sixty Three: The Universality of Islam
  67. Lesson Sixty Four: Do Not Belittle Any Sin!
  68. Lesson Sixty Five: Excellence of a Scholar
  69. Lesson Sixty Six: Mutual Rights
  70. Lesson Sixty Seven: Obedience Is Less Costly
  71. Lesson Sixty Eight: The World Is A Market
  72. Lesson Sixty Nine: The Most Dignified People
  73. Lesson Seventy: Three Basic Social Principles
  74. Lesson Seventy One: Hastiness And Precipitance
  75. Lesson Seventy Two: True Asceticism
  76. Lesson Seventy Three: Trial Of Dignity
  77. Lesson Seventy Four: Correct Program For World And Hereafter
  78. Lesson Seventy Five: Effect Of Sin
  79. Lesson Seventy Six: Shi’as And Divine Bounties
  80. Lesson Seventy Seven: With Whom We Shall Consult?
  81. Lesson Seventy Eight: The Best Favor
  82. Lesson Seventy Nine: A Hidden Imam
  83. Lesson Eighty: Do Not Listen To All Utterances!
  84. Lesson Eighty One: Devilish People
  85. Lesson Eighty Two: Real Feast
  86. Lesson Eighty Three: What Has Real Value
  87. Lesson Eighty Four: Two Things Cause Destruction Of People
  88. Lesson Eighty Five: A Good Deed Is Never Small
  89. Lesson Eighty Six: Sins And Apology
  90. Lesson Eighty Seven: The Worst Method Of Life
  91. Lesson Eighty Eight: Our Promises Are Our Debts
  92. Lesson Eighty Nine: Illegitimate Property
  93. Lesson Ninety: Be Self-Sufficient
  94. Lesson Ninety One: Woe Unto Such Person!
  95. Lesson Ninety Two: Sinful Ways Solve Nothing!
  96. Lesson Ninety Three: The Self-Conceited!
  97. Lesson Ninety Four: Nearer Kinsfolk
  98. Lesson Ninety Five: Throwing Off A Habit
  99. Lesson Ninety Six: Epic Of Karbala
  100. Lesson Ninety Seven: Who Is Wise?
  101. Lesson Ninety Eight: Cause Of Enmity
  102. Lesson Ninety Nine: The Zealous
  103. Lesson One Hundred: The Believer is Useful
  104. Lesson One Hundred One: The Best Hands
  105. Lesson One Hundred Two: Worse Than Death
  106. Lesson One Hundred Three: Believers And Hypocrites
  107. Lesson One Hundred Four: The Best Heritage
  108. Lesson One Hundred Five: Respect Of Freedom Of Thought
  109. Lesson One Hundred Six: Six Flaws Not Found In Believers
  110. Lesson One Hundred Seven: Do Not Sever All Relations With God
  111. Lesson One Hundred Eight: True Worship
  112. Lesson One Hundred Nine: Do Not Forget Your Own Faults
  113. Lesson One Hundred Ten: Great Torment
  114. Lesson one Hundred Eleven: The Holy Quran is Evergreen
  115. Lesson One Hundred Twelve: Beware Of Sensuality
  116. Lesson One Hundred Thirteen: The Only Way Of Proximity To Allah
  117. Lesson One Hundred Fourteen: Ill-Gotten Wealth
  118. Lesson One Hundred Fifteen: The Most Truthful And Wise
  119. Lesson One Hundred Sixteen: Simple Life And Cooperation In House-Keeping
  120. Lesson One Hundred Seventeen: One Hour Of Justice
  121. Lesson One Hundred Eighteen: Real Physician
  122. Lesson One Hundred Nineteen: Successors Of The Prophet
  123. Lesson One Hundred Twenty: Sinful Feast
  124. Lesson One Hundred Twenty One: Do Productive Works
  125. Lesson One Hundred Twenty Two: Lifespan
  126. Lesson One Hundred Twenty Three: Cooperation With Satan!
  127. Lesson One Hundred Twenty Four: Take Counsel To Be Guided!
  128. Lesson One Hundred Twenty Five: Salam, Islamic Salutation
  129. Lesson One Hundred Twenty Six: Non Conformity Of Belief With Action
  130. Lesson One Hundred Twenty Seven: Divine Chastisement
  131. Lesson One Hundred Twenty Eight: A Forgotten Reality
  132. Lesson One Hundred Twenty Nine: Place Of Knowledge And Wisdom
  133. Lesson One Hundred Thirty: Heavy Duties Of Imam
  134. Lesson One Hundred Thirty One: Piety Opens All Doors
  135. Lesson One Hundred Thirty Two: Beware Of Mean People!
  136. Lesson One Hundred Thirty Three: Greater Jihad
  137. Lesson One Hundred Thirty Four: Occultation Of Imam Al- Mahdi (a.s.)
  138. Lesson One Hundred Thirty Five: Source Of Evils
  139. Lesson One Hundred Thirty Six: Fulfilment of Obligations
  140. Lesson One Hundred Thirty Seven: Inhabitants Of Stars
  141. Lesson One Hundred Thirty Eight: Holy Qur’an And The Law Of Gravity
  142. Lesson One Hundred Thirty Nine: Mystery Of Mountains!
  143. Lesson One Hundred Forty: Microscopic Creatures
  144. Lesson One Hundred Forty One: Only A Name From Islam
  145. Lesson One Hundred Forty Two: Criterion For Assessment Of Intellect And Ignorance
  146. Lesson One Hundred Forty Three: Higher Than Favor
  147. Lesson One Hundred Forty Four: Revival Of Doctrine Of The Prophet’s Household
  148. Lesson One Hundred Forty Five: Trust In Respect Of Keeping Secrets
  149. Lesson One Hundred Forty Six: Signs Of A Believer
  150. Lesson One Hundred Forty Seven: First Prerequisite For Any Work
  151. Lesson One Hundred Forty Eight: Importance of A Guest
  152. Lesson One Hundred Forty Nine: Respect And Affection
  153. Lesson One Hundred Fifty: Provide For Yourself In The Next World In Advance