Philosophical Instructions

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  1. Translator’s Introduction
  2. Part I: Introductory Discussions
  3. Lesson One: A Glance at the Course of Philosophical Thought: (From Its Origins to the Islamic Epoch)
  4. Lesson Two: A Glance at the Course of Philosophical Thought (from the Middle Ages to the Eighteenth Century)
  5. Lesson Three: A Glance at the Course of Philosophical Thought (in the last two centuries)
  6. Lesson Four: The Technical Meanings of “Science” and “Philosophy”
  7. Lesson Five: Philosophy and The Sciences
  8. Lesson Six: What is Philosophy?
  9. Lesson Seven: The Position of Philosophy
  10. Lesson Eight: The Method of Philosophical Inquiry
  11. Lesson Nine: The Relation between Philosophy and the Sciences
  12. Lesson Ten: The Necessity of Philosophy
  13. Part II: Epistemology
  14. Lesson Eleven: Introduction to Epistemology
  15. Lesson Twelve: The Self-Evidence of the Principles of Epistemology
  16. Lesson Thirteen: The Divisions of Knowledge
  17. Lesson Fourteen: Acquired Knowledge
  18. Lesson Fifteen: Types of Universal Concepts
  19. Lesson Sixteen: Empiricism
  20. Lesson Seventeen: The Role of the Intellect and Sensation in Ideas
  21. Lesson Eighteen: The Role of the Intellect and Sensation in Affirmations
  22. Lesson Nineteen: The Value of Knowledge
  23. Lesson Twenty: The Evaluation of Ethical and Legal Propositions
  24. Part III: Ontology
  25. Lesson Twenty-One: Introduction to Ontology
  26. Lesson Twenty-Two: The Concept of Existence
  27. Lesson Twenty-Three: Entified Reality
  28. Lesson Twenty-Four: Existence and Whatness
  29. Lesson Twenty-Five: Precepts of Whatness
  30. Lesson Twenty-Six: Introduction to the Fundamentality of Existence
  31. Lesson Twenty-Seven: The Fundamentality of Existence
  32. Lesson Twenty-Eight: Unity and Multiplicity
  33. Lesson Twenty-Nine: Unity and Multiplicity in Entified Existence
  34. Lesson Thirty: The Levels of Existence
  35. Part IV: Causality
  36. Lesson Thirty-One: Cause and Effect
  37. Lesson Thirty-Two: The Principle of Causation
  38. Lesson Thirty-Three: The Causal Relation
  39. Lesson Thirty-Four: The Causal Relation among Material Things
  40. Lesson Thirty-Five: The Dependence of the Effect on the Cause
  41. Lesson Thirty-Six: The Relations of Cause and Effect
  42. Lesson Thirty-Seven: The Principles of Cause and Effect
  43. Lesson Thirty-Eight: The Efficient Cause
  44. Lesson Thirty-Nine: The Final Cause
  45. Lesson Forty: The Purposefulness of the Cosmos
  46. Part V: The Material and the Immaterial
  47. Lesson Forty-One: The Material and the Immaterial
  48. Lesson Forty-Two: What is Location?
  49. Lesson Forty-Three: What is Time?
  50. Lesson Forty-Four: Kinds of Substances
  51. Lesson Forty-Five: Continuation of the Discussion of the Kinds of Substance
  52. Lesson Forty-Six: Matter and Form
  53. Lesson Forty-Seven: Accidents
  54. Lesson Forty-Eight: Quality
  55. Lesson Forty-Nine: The Reality of Knowledge
  56. Lesson Fifty: The Union of the Knower and the Known
  57. Part VI: The Immutable and the Changing
  58. Lesson Fifty-One: The Immutable and the Changing
  59. Lesson Fifty-Two: The Potential and the Actual
  60. Lesson Fifty-Three: A Continuation of the Discussion of the Potential and the Actual
  61. Lesson Fifty-Four: Generation and Corruption
  62. Lesson Fifty-Five: Motion
  63. Lesson Fifty-Six: Properties of Motion
  64. Lesson Fifty-Seven: Divisions of Motion
  65. Lesson Fifty-Eight: Motion in Accidents
  66. Lesson Fifty-Nine: Motion in Substance
  67. Lesson Sixty: Further Discussion of Substantial Motion
  68. Part VII: Theology
  69. Lesson Sixty-One: The Way to Know God
  70. Lesson Sixty-Two: Demonstrations of the Necessary Existent
  71. Lesson Sixty-Three: Tawhīd
  72. Lesson Sixty-Four: The Unity of Divine Actions
  73. Lesson Sixty-Five: The Divine Attributes
  74. Lesson Sixty-Six: Attributes of Essence
  75. Lesson Sixty-Seven: Attributes of Action
  76. Lesson Sixty-Eight: The Purpose of Creation
  77. Lesson Sixty-Nine: Divine Decree and Destiny
  78. Lesson Seventy: Good and Evil in the Cosmos