Man by nature has a driving desire to achieve success and happiness in this life. All his efforts and struggles in the day to day life is basically aimed at acquiring these two things. However, inspite of accumulating treasures of wealth and fame, man continues to find himself deprived of true success and happiness in this world. Why is this so? The reason is simple.

Man searches for success and happiness in material gains when it actually can only be found in his own soul. If the soul is contented, it supplies ease and comfort to the mind hence bringing for man true success and happiness.

Just like the physical body, Man's soul too has its own sickness. So long as he is free and secure from the sickness of his soul, he is successful and happy. The moment he falls victim to one of them, hid decline begins. He eventually loses both. Pride (Kibr), being one of the major sickness of the soul, is not only an obstacle on Man's path to success and happiness but is also destructive to his nature.

In other words, when Pride develops in Man, there is a risk that he may cross the boundary of his own nature to prove his supremacy. Unless controlled and prevented, he can harm himself as well as cause extensive harm to those around him and to society in general. History is full of such skeletons.

In this booklet, I have humbly attempted to discuss Pride as the cause of grief and not supremacy as many would consider. In the light of the Qur'anic verses and Hadith, I have briefly tried to explain the meaning of Pride, its reason in Man, its consequences and eventually remedies for getting rid of this dangerous sickness. I sincerely hope that it would be of benefit to all especially the youth who are my intended audience.

I also wish to extend my sincere gratitude to all the brothers who have encouraged and extended moral support to me in the undertaking of this task. I am especially indebted to Mulla Mohamed Kassamali, Brother Murtaza A.M. Jaffer and Brother Zaffer Datoo for their time and support in ensuring the success of this booklet. May Almighty Allah reward them all in both the worlds and accept whatever little we manage to do in His right path. Amin.

Wallahu Waliyyut Tawfeeque. Mujahidali A.R. Sheriff Ramadhan 1411 A.H. Nairobi.