Principles of Faith (Usul al-Din)

This book contains both logical and textual proofs for the tenets and principles of Islam. It is written by one of the leading figures of the Religious Seminary in Qum, Ayatullah Vahid Khorasani.

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  1. Translator’s Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. Basic Preliminaries
  4. The Ways of Attaining Faith in Allah
  5. Divine Unity (Tawhid)
  6. Divine Justice (‘Adl)
  7. Common Prophethood (Nabuwwat ‘Ammah)
  8. The Special Prophethood (Nabuwwat Khassah)
  9. The Return (Ma’ad)
  10. The Divine Leadership (Imamat)
  11. The Twelve Imams (as)
  12. Branches of Faith (Furu’ al-Din)