Mutual Corroboration of Hotama and Atomic Hell

Following is the description of the fire of Hotama given by the Quran:- A " It is Hotama".

B " It is fire of Allah enkindled, which leapeth upon the hearts. It is a fire closed in on them in outstretched columns" Following then are the characteristics:-

1 That it is Hotama. Hotama means a crusher. 2 That it is fire and is the fire of Allah. 3 That it leaps up unto the hearts.

4 That it shows encompassing characteristics and it raises columns We will now treat each point individually to show these characteristics as shown by the atomic fire;-


The atomic fire and nuclear phenomenon both are crushers. The Quran has used the word Hotama. Hotama is a qualitative noun formed from the root-verb Hatama which means to " break any thing to pieces". Hotama thus means "a crusher". The sound of the word Hotama recalls to our mind the word Atoma. Mark the phonetic resemblance between the two, though one is the pure Arabic and the other is an adoption from the Greek word Atomos which means uncutable. The word Atom thus has assumed the meaning opposed to the word Hotama which means " to break something to pieces".

Yet both basically are concerned with the same action, that of breaking. The scientist does not need to be reminded that the word atom is a misnomer, for atom has been cut and deserves no more to be called as atom. The scientist had after breaking the atom assembled and discussed the inconsistency, yet after some discussion they left the word atom as it were. This particular point that of the retention of the word atom may or may not be of any particular scientific interest to our theme, yet this phonetic resemblance of the two words, Hatam and atom adds some interest in a way. It may serve as the formula of open sesame to the gate of that great atomic mystery that lay concealed in the words of the prophecy. We will not show that the atomic energy from its beginning that is its generation to the last reactions of its radiation is a series of crushing (breakings):-

(1) The atomic energy is the binding energy of the atom: The binding of the atom which keeps the nucleons of the atomic nucleus packed close together is broken and energy is released. Thus the binding of the atomic nucleus is crushed and the energy is released. No match stick, no sparkling system, no fuel is required to produce atomic fire. This is the distinguishing feature of atomic fire to distinguish it from any other type of fire. No other type of fire is ignited in this manner.

(2) Atomic fire is an absolute crusher. It has to be observed that the crushing is done by the consumption of chemical fire too, but with the difference that whereas in the case of chemical fire the nuclei of the atoms remain untouched and intact so that there is the possibility of the reproduction of the substance so consumed by some synthetical method, there, in the case of the atomic disintegration the nuclei of the atoms are so disintegrated as there is no possibility hitherto of the nuclear rearrangement, for, the basic nuclear structure of atoms is crushed. Again we see that the atomic radiation attacks the nucleus of the cell, and there breaks the chromosomes. A work which could not be performed by the chemical fire. Thus because the atomic fire destroys the nuclear structure of atom which is called the basic building block of the universe, and it also destroys the nucleus of the cell which is called the basic unit of life, the atomic phenomenon could be termed as absolute fire.

(3) All the three manifestations of the atomic bomb explosion, namely, initial heat-radiation, blast, and nuclear radiations are the crusher. The initial heat-radiation crushes the hearts of its victims at the time of explosion though it has not the time enough to burn them, and so it kills them through shock. The blast as the name implies is the blast and it crushes the strongest buildings to dust. The raditions do so as is their wont. They crush the atomic nuclei of the inanimate matter, thus producing changes in the order of the atomic nuclei to cause transmutations. In the living bodies, they crush the nucleons out of the atomic nuclei and in the cell nuclei they crush the chromosomes.

(4) The atomic raditions as the crusher:-

Radiations knock out electrons from the atoms, and they eject nucleons from the atomic nuclei and they cause transmutations of atoms by crushing and changing the order of the atomic nuclei, as has been mentioned above.


The atomists mark the crushing trait of atomic energy. Mark the terms like bombarding, crushing, smashing, hitting, breaking etc. in the explanation of the actions in the atomic process. When Germans named the continuous spectrum of rays as "Bremsstrahlung" which literally means " breaking radiation", the term was regarded by the atomists as highly descriptive. The rushing attitude of Alpha Particles while bombarding the gold foil astonished Rutherford so much that he recorded it as the most incredible event that ever happened to him in his life:- " It was almost as incredible as if you fired a 15 inch shell at a piece of tissue paper and it came back and hit you". Wrote Rutherford in his diary.

(6) Radiological terms indicative of the crushing trait of radiations:-

The standard books of radio-biology may be found replete with phrases, similes and sentences like the following to indicate the crushing trait of the radiation: "the target concept, direct action, indirect action, snapping the cable with a bullet, breaking the chromosomes, radiations hit the cell like a sledge hammer and crush them etc.".


The atomic energy is fire too. Atomic energy from the beginning to the end is fire. In its generation stages it is heat. The initial heat radiation of the atomic bomb is fire. Radiations too are fire. Bequerrel, the discoverer of Radioactivity himself was the first to experience the burn on his skin, next to the pocket in which he had carried a phial of Radium. Edward Teller and Dr. Albert L . Latter wrote on page 156 of their book "Our Nuclear Future", a vicious dragon (Reactor) will spit radioactive fire". In X-ray therapy they use the term Cross fire of radiation. Chemical fire too is fire, but what is the chemical fire to the fire of atomic energy....which (latter) is of the order of millions of degrees and no container on earth could be found to contain it. Tremendous fires are started as a result of the tremendous heat spread in the atmosphere in the event of the explosion of the atomic bomb, yet such fires are not the part of the atomic explosion and are not to be treated as atomic, but are of chemical nature.


Atomic fire too is the fire of retribution. Atomic fire has been discovered in the course of the research of science whose object it has been to gain dominion over nature for material benefit. The atomic fire therefore has appeared as retribution. It is not energy. It is destruction. And it is curse. The atomic bomb is not a weapon of defence but mankind is blinded by the excessive desire of wealth and physical comforts, and the doom is grievous.


The atomic fire leaps up unto the nuclei:- (1) Nucleus and the Heart:-

Now the Quran has used the word "Hearts". while the scientist has coined the term " Nucleus". Identity therefore has to be found between the two words. These two words, the Nucleus and Heart are synonymous. The Arab Lexicographers have translated this modern word nucleus as heart and both show unmistakable characteristics and functional resemblance. Both are dedicate and sensitive. If they die, the body dies with them. We have to make no exertion in proving our point. The scientists themselves call the nucleus as heart and indeed orthodoxically, appropriately, and the practice is carried on in the standard textbooks of atomic physics. Edward teller in 1939 spoke of obtaining energy from the heart of atom in his lecture delivered on atomic energy (vide the Hydrogen bomb by James Sheply and Clay Blair Jr. Pages 18-49). And statements like the following could be found in the standard text books of atomic physics:-

" Each fast particle comes from the break up of very heart of a single atom----the Nucleus------ of the radioactive material". (Vide -Physics, Physical Science Study Committee second edition, D.C.Heath and Company Lexington, Massachusetts, July 1965 Page 360. And:-

" How many nuclear heart-beats are in the life-time of a radioactive nucleus which lasts only billionth of a second". (Ibid- Page 21, Short Problems).

Even the part of the reactor in which the process of atomic energy generation takes place is called as the heart of reactor (Vide Our Nuclear Future by Edward Teller and Dr. Albert L. Later. From the photograph of the Reactor). Thus the point of the Quran is proved by merely uttering the word Nuclear.

(2) Nuclei that is Hearts involved in Atomic energy generation process:-

The atomic energy generation, both in fission as well as fusion process, it is the nuclei of atoms that are involved. In Fission process the atomic particles leap up unto the nuclei that is the hearts of the atoms. While in the fusion process the nuclei that is hearts of atoms are crushed together, and energy is liberated. In fusion process the atomic fire obtained from the fission device is directed unto the nuclei of the fusile material. Thermonuclear process provides us with the clearest of the examples of the fire of atomic energy leaping up unto the nuclei that is the hearts. Inward fission device produces the necessary temperature and the heat is then directed unto the fusile material where it leaps up unto the nuclei of Hydrogen atoms and fuses them in groups of four. This is a distinguishing characteristic of the atomic phenomenon, for, in no other phenomenon the nucleus of the atom is involved. The scientists' term "thermo-nuclear" is the scientific version of Quran's expression, that is " a fire which leaps up unto the hearts".

(3) Atomic Radiations to leap up unto the nuclei that is hearts:-

(a) Effect of radiations in inanimate and living bodies:- The atomic radiations do characteristically attack the nuclei of the atoms of the material through which they pass. In inanimate matter they change the order of the nuclei of the atoms and thus cause transmutations. In living bodies they leap up unto the nuclei of the atoms and they eject nucleons therefrom. They attack the nucleus of the cell and break the chromosomes.

(b) The effect of radiation is beyond the control of the brain at the level of the heart of life itself:- Radiations affect the coordination of the function at the level where it is beyond the control of the brain in a living body. It may be assumed that they attack at the very heart of the life itself.

(c) Radiations' exceptional attraction toward all that is related to the heart in the body:- Bone-marrow, and all blood forming organs, are more sensitive to the effect of radiation than the brain, the nerves and the muscles. The blood relation of bone-marrow, and blood-forming organs is obvious. Multi-celllular organisms are more sensitive to radiation than the unicellular organisms. The former have more elaborate and more perfect circulatory and respiratory systems than the latter. The relation of the circulatory and respiratory systems to heart through blood is a fact. These points have occurred to me please. Oxygen is related to heart through blood and the action of radiation in the absence of oxygen is retarded.

(4) Heat-flash and Radiations of atomic bomb:-

The Heat-flash of the atomic bomb explosion strikes the body of the exposed persons and having not enough time to penetrate beneath the skin, kills the heart, however, by the shock. The radiations of the atomic bomb explosion leap up unto the nuclei of the atoms as usual. (5)

Nuclear and Thermonuclear Crusher:-

Atomic fire because it leaps up unto the nuclei and crushes them, may be called as the nuclear crusher. And because in the thermonuclear process its fire leaps up unto the nuclei of the atoms of the fusile material and crushes them, it may be called as the thermonuclear crusher. This term thermonuclear is the itnertranslation of the words of the Quran, namely that, " It is a fire which leaps up unto the hearts". Thermo means "heat", and "nuclear" means "that which is connected with the nuclei, that is hearts".

(6) A Distinctive Feature of the atomic Fire which distinguishes it from other types of fire:-

That the atomic fire springs from nucleus, and that the actions of the atomic fire take place in the nuclear zones, is a feature exclusively characteristic of atomic fire. Chemical fire never reaches the nuclear zones. Wordsworth says:-

" To let a creed built in the heart of things, Dissolve before a twinkling atomy". (Wordsworth- Excursions) The little couplet of Wordsworth represents our point in the best of manner. We could say it as follows:- "To let a universe built in the nuclear system, Dissolve before a tempting energy".