Provisions for the Journey (Mishkat), Volume 1

The hadith discussed in the text is one of the most comprehensive and rewarding exhortations of the Noble Prophet (S) to one of his most eminent companions by the name of Abu Dharr.

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  1. Foreword
  2. Lesson 1: The Quality of Servitude and the Path to Eternal Bliss
  3. Lesson 2: The Need for Deriving Correct Benefit from Allah’s Blessings
  4. Lesson 3: Correct Perception of the Realities of Life and Making Optimum Use of [Man’s] Lifespan
  5. Lesson 4: The Prophet’s (S) Recommendation to Make Good Use of Present Abilities
  6. Lesson 5: Castigating the Acquisition of Knowledge for Worldly Goals
  7. Lesson 6: The Magnificence and Magnitude of the Rights of Allah’s Blessings and the Need for Attention to Obligations
  8. Lesson 7: The Vigilance and Alertness of a Believer
  9. Lesson 9: The Value and Importance of Prayer and the Differences of Status of the Dwellers of Paradise
  10. Lesson 10: The Leaders of Heaven and the Status of Some of the Duties and the Levels of Paradise
  11. Lesson 11: The Importance and Role of Fear and Sorrow (1)
  12. Lesson 12: The Importance and Role of Fear and Sorrow (2)
  13. Lesson 13: The Insignificance and Minuteness of the World and the Importance of Perceiving the Hereafter
  14. Lesson 14: Extolling Pursuit of the Hereafter, Asceticism and Spiritual Discernment in Religion and Reproaching Materialism
  15. Lesson 15: Wisdom, Foresight and an Angle of the Prophet’s (S) Way of Life
  16. Lesson 16: The Danger of Loving Wealth and Position and Praising Contentment and Simple Living
  17. Lesson 17: The Effects of Crying for the Hereafter, the Broadness of a Believer’s Heart and Piousness
  18. Lesson 18: Honoring the Divine Majesty and Splendor of Allah
  19. Lesson 19: The Greatness of Allah’s Status in the Viewpoint of the Angels
  20. Lesson 20: The Prophet’s (S) Description of Heaven and Hell
  21. Lesson 21: The Importance of Meditation and the Need for Preserving Factors which Ward off Negligence
  22. Lesson 22: The Realm of Right and Falsehood
  23. Lesson 23:The Perfect Scholar and the Practical Appearance of Belief in the Unity of Divine Actions
  24. Lesson 24: The Importance of Self-examination, Comparing Works and Shame for Allah