Rays of the Sun

Stories from the personal and public life of the great scholar and leader of the Islamic revolution in Iran. Includes stories about Imam Khomeini's home life, his relationship with family members and with the public, his knowledge, his worship and his last days. Also includes an account of meeting Imam from the Western journalist Robin Woodsworth Carlsen.

Originally found in Al-Islam.org. Please support their great work!
  1. Foreword
  2. Imam and Home Life
  3. Imam and Children
  4. Imam and Women
  5. Imam and Youth
  6. Imam and the People
  7. Imam and Paris
  8. Imam and the Revolution
  9. Imam and Knowledge of the Unseen
  10. Imam and Imam Mahdi (aj)
  11. Imam and Worship
  12. Imam and Prayers
  13. Imam and Islam
  14. The Setting of the Sun
  15. Imam Khomeini through the Eyes of a Non-Muslim
  16. Glossary