Chapter 1: Explanation and Description of Question

Is Islam Religion of Violence or Clemency?

When obstinate adversaries of Islam found this divine religion a big hindrance for their interests, and more proper to say, their avarice, they decided to fight and encounter with it. They used any means and method for achieving their objectives. The struggle started from the early days of appearance of Islam, and it is and will be continuing. Rather, at our time it is one of the main programs of the West, headed by U.S.1

One of their generally applied unmanly tools is the accusation of violence. They say: “Islam is the religion of violence and war. Islam is not compatible with the man’s gentle spirit. Islam disregards human rights.”

Then, they spread and implant these unfair accusations against Islam throughout the world.

Regretfully, we shall confess that the deeds of some unreal Muslims support their poisonous propagations, for instance, we can refer to Taliban group who were the symbol and indication of violence, barbarism, oppression and injustice and at the meantime, alien to Islam, and as an Islamic population ruled Afghanistan for a short period.

This small rude and ungodly population committed strange crimes during their short period of governance under the name of Islam. Our enemies provided films and reports from their deeds and crimes and broadcasted them in the world as an image from Islam. The films included heinous crimes such as beheading humans like sheep. However, fortunately the majority of Muslims in the world expressed their hatred and disgust to these unreal Muslims, and called their actions and deeds fabrications by their weak and unable mind.

Al-Qaida sect was even worse and ruder than them. They, who only know the name of Islam, but nothing of its instructions and rulings, committed such crimes in Iraq which were unprecedented in the history.

Fortunately, the absolute majority of Muslims condemned them and called them alien to Islam.

Considering these issues, it is necessary to discuss seriously and carefully if Islam is really the religion of violence or the religion of mercy, clemency and amicable relations?

In order to answer this question, we shall refer to the Holy Qur’an and the luminous verses of this virgin and unaltered book and the utterances of our infallible religious leaders. Then, we can find some samples of the social and practical attitudes of these great men, and compare them with the behaviors of those claiming for civilisation in the Western world to let the sun of truth to reveal from the back of dark clouds.

and even in the blessed month of Ramadan, they provide Iftar (fast-breaking food) for the Islamic authorities, but today the nature of these demagogic actions is known to all, and all Muslims know that they have conspired powerfully for destruction of Islam, which is a healing to human’s present and future pains and problems.

  1. Although, apparently, some pretend belief in some Islamic rules,