Self Building

A detailed description of special deeds as performed by God's most devoted sincere servants during their lives, the self-restraint and asceticism practiced by them during these worships, and the spiritual purification achieved by them. Original Persian title: Khud Sazi wa Tahzib wa Tazkiyeh Nafs.

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  1. Translator’s Foreword
  2. Biography of Ayatullah Ibrahim Amini
  3. Preface
  4. Self-Purification, the Main Goal of Divine Messengers
  5. The Heart in Quran
  6. Evacuation or Self-refinement (Takhliyeh)
  7. Self-refinement
  8. Self-Struggle
  9. The Stages of Self-refinement
  10. Things which are Helpful for Self-refinement
  11. Egotism - the Root of all Evils
  12. Piety, the Most Important Factor for Purification
  13. The Characteristics of Pious (Sermon of Hammam)
  14. Supervision - the Most Important Factor for Self-restraint
  15. Repentance and Self-cleansing
  16. Nourishment and Perfection of Self (Tahliyeh)
  17. Faith, the Foundation of Spiritual Perfection
  18. The Means of Perfection and God's Nearness
  19. First Means -God's Remembrance (Dikhr)
  20. The Effects and Indications of Invocation (Dhikr)
  21. The Means of Attainment
  22. Instructions
  23. Obstacles of the Path
  24. Second Means, Nourishment of Moral Virtues
  25. Third Means, the Righteous Deeds
  26. Some Righteous Deeds
  27. Fourth Means, Struggle (Jihad) and Martyrdom (Shahadat)
  28. Fifth Means, Benevolence and Service to Humanity
  29. Sixth Means, Supplications (Dua)
  30. Seventh Means, Fast (Sawm)
  31. Appendix 1: A Mystical Poem (Ghazal al-Irfani) of Imam Khomeini
  32. Appendix 2: Supplication of the Holy Month of Sha'ban (Munajat al-Shabaniyyah)
  33. Appendix 3: A Prayer