This book is an invitation to a journey, an interior journey of discovery in quest of a lost treasure containing the most precious jewels of the whole of creation. The map which shows the way is to be found in the final message of Allah for mankind, a way which is also indicated by the internal compass in every heart. We begin our journey with an inquiry into the nature of the spirit and its virtues and vices, and we are led to an understanding that man has the potential to be the representative of God on earth. If we pay heed to our origin and present conditions, and if we arrive at a sufficient understanding of our ultimate goal, the kinds of knowledge that are obtained on the journey will help us to make wise choices about the course our lives may take.

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  1. Publisher's Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. The Importance of Self-Knowledge
  4. The Benefits of Self-knowledge
  5. Fiqh, Islamic jurisprudence; Akhlaq, Ethics
  6. Free Will
  7. Our Future
  8. Heaven and hell
  9. Endless future
  10. Infinite rewards or punishments
  11. Good Attributes of Human Beings
  12. How to Reach Our Goal
  13. Complete dependence
  14. Mortality of this universe
  15. True nature of this life
  16. The Representative of Allah on Earth
  17. The Spirit
  18. The Status of Human Beings in the Glorious Qur'an
  19. Man is unjust and ignorant
  20. Man is ungrateful
  21. Man is an inordinate being
  22. Man is hasty and does not have sufficient patience