Spurious Arguments about the Shia

Shias have been accustomed to receiving accusations and having to put up with them. The accusations against Shias started on the death of our Prophet (blessings and peace be upon him) and thus, Shias were made the adversary in the history of Islam. As the adversary, Shias had to bear the persecution and torture of the ruling authorities and the accusations, annoyance, and hurt from people across the ages. In this text, the great scholar Abu Talib At-Tabrizi presents a collection and analysis of some of the arguments which the Shias face.

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  1. Preface
  2. The First Spurious Argument: Seeing Allah
  3. The Second Spurious Argument:Constraint and Free Will
  4. The Third Spurious Argument:Visiting the Shrines of the Prophets, Imams, and Saints
  5. The Fourth Spurious Argument: The Interncession of the Prophets, Imams and Saints
  6. The Fifth Spurious Argument: Beseeching the Prophets, Imams and Saints
  7. The Sixth Spurious Argument: Inheriting from the Prophets
  8. The Seventh Spurious Argument: The Fabrication that the Shias believe the prophetic mission belonged to Imam Ali
  9. The Eighth Spurious Argument: The Traditiongs that the Prophet appointed Imam Ali as guardian and successor
  10. The Ninth Spurious Argument: Who is the family of the Prophet
  11. The Tenth Spurious Argument: The Infalibility of the Twelve Imams
  12. The Eleventh Spurious Argument: The Miracles of the Imams
  13. The Twelfth Spurious Argument: Naming Persons with names such as Abdun-Nabi and the like
  14. The Thirteenth Spurious Argument: Loving the Prophet’s Family
  15. The Fourteenth Spurious Argument: Exergesis and Interpretation of the Verses of the Qur’an
  16. The Fifteenth Spurious Argument: Immoderation
  17. The Sixteenth Spurious Argument: Shia Opinon about Hafsa and Aisha
  18. The Seventeenth Spurious Argument: The Peace Treaty between Imam Hassan and Muawiya
  19. The Eighteenth Spurious Argument: Swearing by the Prophet and the Imams
  20. The Nineteenth Spurious Argument: The Criterion for Accepting and Rejecting Hadith
  21. The Twentieth Spurious Argument: Rejecting Analogy and Discretion
  22. The Twenty-first Spurious Argument: Joining the Prayers
  23. The Twenty-Second Spurious Argument: Temprorary Marriage
  24. The Twenty-Third Spurious Argument: The Origin of Shiism