Stories of Bohlool

A biography and stories from the life of Bahlool, the companion of the 7th Imam (a), who in order to hide his love for the Imam acted as if he was insane.

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  1. Dedication
  2. A Little About Bahlool
  3. Bahlool and the Khalifa's Food
  4. Bahlool Sits on Haroun Rashid's Throne
  5. Bahlool and a Businessman
  6. Bahlool With His Friend
  7. Bahlool and the Sage in Haroun Rashid's Court
  8. Bahlool Criticizes Haroun
  9. Bahlool's Discussion with a Faqih
  10. Bahlool and a Slave who was Scared of the Sea
  11. Haroun Asks Bahlool a Question
  12. Haroun Asks Bahlool for Advice
  13. Bahlool's Advice to Fazl bin Rabi'
  14. Fazl bin Rabi' Builds a Mosque
  15. Bahlool and a Thief
  16. Haroun Asks Bahlool Another Question
  17. Bahlool's Gift to the Khalifa
  18. Bahlool and Haroun
  19. Bahlool and Another Thief
  20. Bahlool and the Amir of Kufa
  21. Bahlool and a Vizier
  22. Haroun Questions Bahlool About Hazrat Ali
  23. Bahlool Sells Paradise
  24. Haroun Rashid's Anger and Bahlool's Forgiveness
  25. Bahlool, a Bundle, Barley Bread, and Vinegar
  26. Bahlool's Advice
  27. Haroun and a Fraud
  28. Haroun Rashid and a Hunter
  29. Haroun Rashid's Question About Ameen and Mamoon
  30. Bahlool's Conversation with Abu Hanifa
  31. Haroun Rashid's Questions and Bahlool's Answers
  32. Haroun Rashid Gives Bahlool A Reward
  33. The Effect of Bahlool's Du'a
  34. Bahlool Criticizes Abdullah Mubarak
  35. Bahlool Meets Shaykh Junayd
  36. Bahlool and Haroun Rashid Go to the Public Bath
  37. Bahlool and a Judge
  38. Haroun Questions Bahlool About Wine
  39. Bahlool Instructs a Friend
  40. Bahlool and the Astrologer
  41. Bahlool and a Charlatan
  42. Bahlool is Questioned About Hazrat Loot
  43. Bahlool is Questioned About Shaitan
  44. Bahlool and a Slave
  45. Bahlool and Haroun Go Hunting
  46. Bahlool and a Landlord
  47. Bahlool and a Book of Philosophy
  48. Bahlool and an Inspector
  49. Bahlool's Decision
  50. Bahlool and a Traveler
  51. Bahlool's Decisive and Silencing Reply
  52. Bahlool Goes to the Public Hot Bath