Their Belief About the Caliphs

( 109 )

They uphold the Caliphates of Abu Bakar and Omar, because according to their view both of them were elected to the Caliphate through a fair franchise. They did not even deviate from pursuing the right goal and committed no transgression. They accepted the fairness of the elections of Osman and Ali. Ultimately, they said that Osman from the end of the sixth year of his Caliphate, deviated and ignored the interests of the Muslims, hence he was (automatically) dismissed from the Caliphate and as he continued in office hence a renegade and liable to be killed. And as Ali accepted the proposal to arbitration and subsequently did not repent, he "apostatized and became liable to death penalty. Thus they disown Osman from the seventh year of his Caliphate and Ali from the time of arbitration.

They expressed abhorrence against all of the other Caliphs and remained at war with them.