the Forceful Attractions

( 37 )

In preface to the first volume of "Khatam-e-Payambran " about the Missions", we read as under-All the missions emerging amidst mankind, have neither been identical, nor their sphere of influence has been uniform.

One of these missions and systems may be mono-dimensional and might have proceeded only in one direction; at the time of its introduction it might have covered extensive surface, and might have allured millions as its followers, but subsequently we find its life span having been almost rolled off and itself put to oblivion. Yet another may be bi-dimensional, i.e. spreading in two directions, viz. covering a vast surface and also proceeding in future, its impact being not only "spacious" but also "enduring".

While others have marched ahead multi-dimensionally. They have commanded immense multitudes of humanity over vast lands and brought them under their influence, we find their imprints in every continent of the globe. They held the reins of time too, i.e. they could not be confined to one time or age. They have been at the climax of temporal authority for centuries together, they have also spread their roots in the depths of human souls, controlled the very pulse of humanity and have ruled the inmost of human hearts. Such tri-dimensional missions are peculiar to the Apostolical line alone.

Which school of thought or philosophy can be cited in comparison to the world's major religions who have been ruling for thirty centuries, for twenty centuries or at least for fourteen centuries and their believers' conscience have been cleaving fast to them? Attractions are, likewise, sometimes mono-dimensional, sometimes bi-dimensional and at others tri-dimensional.

( 38 )

Ali's attraction is of the last category, it attracts immense multitude of men, is not confined to one century or two; it has rather been perpetuating in time and progressing in expansion. The fact of the matter is that it has been in luster throughout the centuries and ages, and has penetrated from surface to the depths of human minds and hearts so that even after centuries when man is put to reminiscence about Ali and listens to hymns of his glories, tears of joy come out of his eyes; and when they weep about his sufferings, the cries they wail would move the worst of Ali's enemies to tears. This is the most forceful attraction.

From here we deduce that men's attachment to religion is not shallow like the one's to matter. It is rather different attachment like which nothing else attaches to human soul.

Had Ali not had the complexion of God and had he not been a man of Allah, he must have been forgotten.

Human history bears traces of many a hero:-

Heroes of Oracles, heroes of learning and philosophy, heroes of power and dominion and heroes of battlefields; but man has either forgotten them all or has not taken notice of them. But to Ali, assassination could not render death; he rather emerged livelier. He himself says: "The accumulators of wealth are dead though breathing. The learned (scholars '-of divinity) would live as long as the time runs; their bodies have disappeared but their impressions survive on pages of human minds".

About himself, Ali says; "Look to my time in future when my merits, so far not recognised, will become manifest, and you will recognise me when you miss me and find another in my place".

( 39 )

My age is ignorant of worth

My Yousaf is not for this market;

I am disappointed of my old friends;

My love is ablaze for a Moses;

The Ocean of friends is silent like dew;

My dew like a tide bears a storm;

My hymns are from another world;

This clarion-call is from another caravan;

Many poets emerge after their deaths;

They shut their eyes to open ours;

They derived beauty from nothingness;

From their graves they blossom like flowers;

My Uman will not be contained by drain;

Ocean beds are required for my storm;

I have lightening hidden in my heart;

( 40 )

The hill sand deserts are gateways to my exhibition;

They have blessed me with the "spring of life";

They have made me aware of "secret of life";

The secret which I divulge has been divulged by none;

Like my thought none has arranged even pearls;

Old heaven told me this secret, from friends keep nothing concealed".

In fact Ali is like laws of nature which operate to infinity. He is source of generosity that never exhausts, rather becomes voluminous with the passage of every day. To quote Jabran Khalil Jabran: "He came in a time much earlier to his own". Some people are leaders for their own time, a few give lead to future also but gradually their leadership goes to oblivion. But Ali and a few others are guides and the leaders till eternity.