Introduction By Imam Ali {peace Be Upon Him} Foundation

The root of Islamic education gain its fountain head from what came in the Book of Allah the most High in the origin and good elevated Ethics till the prophet {s.a.w.a} said: "My Lord educates me and give me a sound education". When we ponder the situations of the Ignorant society the prophet was sent to,

we meet that they were completely lack of spiritual personality or a commended conduct........ Then ponder over how the holy Prophet was able in the midst of this tedious environment with morale and in a very short period of time to produce from them the best Nation among men. Verily the Prophet {s.a.w.a} was able to do that due to his high level of Ethics and his faith for human personality and his due respect to it.

That is why Allah the most High has said in his respect: "Surely thou art upon a mighty morality".

When we ponder over his words, advices and his sermons in this field, we will see the purpose and what it meant, it is in it self a law suitable to emerge an origination on it, then his sayings {s.a.w.a} "Good child is a scent from the scents of the Paradise" or his saying {s.a.w.a} "Who ever kiss his child, Allah will write good deeds for his and whoever teaches him Quran, the parents will be prayed for and covered with two garment that the inhabitant of the Paradise shines from their light".

You will found that mercy, love and sympathy drop from this word that the child needs from the foster parents in order to emerge as a good and fair origination.

When Imam Ali's {peace be upon him} foundation put forward before the readers of this book that was translated to English language it aimed to easy the ways to attain the fundamentals of Islamic education, believing on the responsibility that was on her, that Islam present the divine great trust to the people with its magnificent pictures and good condition.


The past and present scholars of child training have tried to guide to the comprise method of training with precise ways, fundamental and a guaranteed criterions by studying what is fit for the stage of childhood. In this respect they have given much struggles and continuous hardship till they were able to reach views,

suggestions and advices that will lead one to value and benefit (in terms of theoretical aspect) but with all this effort they were not able to precise an accurate method which is reliable in solving difficult problems that will protect this sensitive stage of human life. They were also not able to solve the daily increasing difficulties one after the other that are facing the fathers, the mothers (parents) and teachers in this respect.

Unfortunately may be many Muslims have followed on the western schools (especially this practitioner fields) to we achieve from them their method of training, and it miss them that there are successful remedy in Islamic laws to solve all this difficulties for them. Verily there are assistance and unexhausted advices, guidance,

teachings and the life history of the great Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him and his descendants) and that of the biography of the Ahlulbait (Peace be upon them) if they utilized in the field of education and applied in many areas, it could have been enough to establish the best fundamentals and the highest exemplary in the mind of the child to set him up as a fair and sound formation and to make him a sound personality that will be able in his own role to build the community.

Verily the Islamic method that is able to precise its feature and its laws relying on the holy Quran, the tradition of the biography of the Prophet and all that was transmitted from the infallible Imams (Peace be upon them) aimed at establishing a prudent education for the child before the commencement of coagulation of the embryo in the womb of the mother and it continue with him till he is matured from incapability passing through the stage of pregnancy, birth, breast feeding and early childhood.

O' my dear readers the book before you was able to precise the feature of Islamic education that in a form to prepare the child psychologically, mentally and morally base on the verses of the Quran, the traditions from our great Prophet (Peace be upon him and his descendants) and from the Ahlulbait (Peace be upon them). It also benefits from the modern studies in this field.

Our center is pleased to present this beneficial and interesting lessons in giving its quota in assistance to the fathers, mothers and workers in the child education, that was to simplify the clear and most perfect method and secured in bringing up a child with a sound and good originations, so that he gives his desired role.