The Divine Wisdom of Prophet Muhammad

The book which is translated by Ihtijaj al-Tabarsi presents a compilation of debates of Holy Prophet Muhammad (S) with scholars and representatives of other religions including Judaism, Christianity, atheism, dualism and polytheism. The dire need for this work becomes essential due to the ceaseless false, baseless and vicious Islamophobia propaganda that is being carried out against the Holy Prophet (S) and Islam across the world. The debates of the Prophet Muhammad (S) with scholars of other religions prove that the dynamic universal message of Islam was preached through peace and brotherhood.

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  1. Preface
  2. Translator’s Note
  3. Chapter 1: Debates of Prophet Muhammad (S) with scholars and representatives of five different religions
  4. Chapter 2: Debate of Prophet (S) with a group of Polytheists
  5. Chapter 3: Prophet’s (S) debate with Jews
  6. Glossary of key terms