The Cultural Planning in the Modern Educational Processes

The modern regimes have paid special attention to the teaching affairs, considering them as the natural right of every citizen under the responsibility and supervision of the governments. Ministries and several committees have been dedicated to the teaching processes. The missions of these bodies are concerning, developing, and advancing the teaching processes. Teaching federations have been also established for noticing and guarding the teachers’ affairs. The great powers have devoted grand assets of the public budget to expand the scopes of teaching. This has created the many schools, faculties, and universities that provide studies in various fields of sciences and arts. The tremendous ideological developments of inventions and industrials have been the outcome of this concern. Man could invade the outer space, reach the moon and dispatch satellites that pictured every situation they passed by and sent these pictures to the earth. Man could also repair any defect in those satellites from the headquarters on the earth. Those satellites have automatically recorded the information of the climate and the universal rays they pass by in their orbits. Science is going on more developments, and man is going on achieving greater triumphs. Nevertheless, each political regime in this world has adopted a special philosophy in judgment and policy and has benefited by science for publicizing its principals and political ideas.


The teaching systems in the Western states, as well as other places, have depended upon the development, crystallization, and expansion of the material sciences. People have been competing with each other in the fields of science and knowledge since these two are within the life necessities. They have also believed that the processes of illumination and growth are obtained through the publicity of science only. Adam Smith says, “Any people that are ruled by an organizing government should never leave any individual uneducated.”[1]

The criterion of peoples’ progress all over history has been based upon the scope of the nation’s possession of teaching opportunities, which are the real wealth through which noble lives and mastership can be achieved.

In the past, the West was moaning in the chains of ignorance after it had degraded  

[1] Refer to Wealth of peoples.

socially and mentally, and lost any power of progress and science. Myths, illusions, and weak customs and traditions controlled the west for centuries. This feeling of defect and retardation induced the people there to communicate with the Islamic world for excerpting the elements of renaissance and growth. Hence, they quoted mathematics, chemistry, medicine, philosophy, and astronomy in addition to other legislative and social methods. Hundreds of Islamic scientific books were translated into their languages that many Islamic terms are still noticed. The West burst forth in founding faculties and schools and itemizing each science and art. Yet, many flaws that led to the loss of a conscious education have influenced the teaching courses there.

The expelling of Moralities

The Western teaching courses paid no attention to the moralities. They expelled ethics from the factuality of the studying life. An educationist says, “The Western teaching systems are no more than a cabal against religion, ethics, and magnanimity.[1] They have been also unconcerned with the conscious education that aims at planting liberal and elevated traits and tendencies in the spirits. The grand educationists agree that teaching is meaningless unless it leads to perfection. Froble says, “Precisely, the purpose of teaching is the presentation of a scarified life which is full of sincerity and perfection.”[2] Mr. Lehman says, “The American education does not create any common culture or set of principals or ethical disciplining.”[3] A Western educationist says, “Teaching has been empty of situating the bases of reciprocal love and cooperation. Hence, it is not strange that humanity among individuals is eliminated.”[4]

School is the nonesuch means that the human society has innovated for guiding sons uprightly so that their behavior fits the habits and customs that the society defines. Unfortunately, the Western school was inconsiderate and unconcerned with this meaning. This has decreed many disadvantages, the most significant of which was the collapse of the human values, demolishing of the principal cooperation among the society members, and the circulation of egotism, greed, fabrication, and trickery. George Friland says, “Sociologists confirm that the individuals’ right citizenship and good ethics are the basic criterion of the values of the human civilization. On this account, education should have carried the heaviest burden of saving the civilization against retrogradation. H. G. Wells, the great author, who says that civilization is a competition between education and collision, perceived this situation.”[5]

The source of the ethical crisis that is suffered by the Western teaching courses and their adopters has been the studying courses’ avoiding the spiritual and  

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humanitarian systems and values. Scientific institutes cannot contribute perfectly in structuring the individuals’ personalities unless their courses are based upon a correct religious cognizance. As the American authorities experienced the new generations’ spiritual privation, they allowed the churches to establish private schools named, “sectarian schools.” The management has been in the hands of the Catholic Church that enjoys a broad system of primary schools and an increasing number of secondary schools. The Lotharios church also manages a great number of primary and secondary schools. Other religious foundations grant exclusive periods at which the representatives of churches teach religious questions in the institutes and faculties other than those subjected by churches. The authorities there urged children on joining these churches for receiving religious teachings.[1] Christianity has not possessed sound courses in the educational fields, and has not been sufficient enough for performing a comprehensive life and an individual reformation. It refers only to the refuge to churches and worldly abstinence. This has created many mental perplexities and alienation against the religion.

Christianity has been too short to manage the affairs of life and constitute reformatory programs. Weakness and delicacy have affected Christianity because the churchmen have insinuated slanders and myths that contradict logic and antagonize the mental powers. It is not unfamiliar that Christianity fails in preparing a developing and sound education that is marked by composure and cooperation in constructing the human society.

At any rate, the Western teaching systems have been unsuccessful in performing their educational missions, and failed in achieving generations of sound and conscious behavior. Inversely, they produced generations that are defected in their morals and tendencies searching for harlotry, frivolity, and impudence and hounding impulses, amusement, and disintegration in the fields of values and ethics.


The Western imperialists have taken initiative in affecting private teaching courses in the colonies. These courses aim at killing the conscience and spreading the objective and spiritual poverty. They affirmed that teaching should associate the military conquests. This is intended to persist on their control and lead the occupied countries to miss the cognizance of liberation and salvation from colonialism.

The old imperialist plans of teaching were negative. They propose to reduce or eradicate the educated individuals. When a revolution broke out against the Spanish colonialism in South America, in early 1800, the general commander raised a note to the king telling of their armies’ triumph. He also told that he treated the educated ones with an ultimate severity. Thus, as he expressed, he uprooted the idea of mutiny and rebellion. In North America, the black were interdicted from learning writing and reading. Detention and whipping were the punishment of the white that intend to teach any black how to read and write. This policy, however, failed. The imperialists  

[1] Refer to Sayings about teaching in America: 31.

realized their fault when they needed the economic conveniences of those people that require teaching the early youth for preparing them for certain jobs. Only then, they constituted teaching faculties but with special courses inciting to cherish the imperialists and embrace their ideological trends. Lord McAllen declared this fact in a report he wrote when was the chairman of the Teaching Committee in 1835 that decided English as the teaching language. He said, “A group works as translators between the millions of our subjects and us. This group should be Indian in color and blood, but English in taste, opinion, language, and thinking.[1]

On the same account, France constituted the teaching courses in Algeria. As an article of that decision, it is recorded, “France has protected the Algerians and constituted justice to their country, and publicized security on their lands, and provided them with teaching and civilization. All these imply the Algerians’ duties to France. They should respect those who manage their country in the name of France. They should also show respect to the French flag.”[2]

This policy could not achieve its objects since teaching in colonies stirred up the spirits of struggle and revolt against the colonialists and demanding with liberty and independence. That caused the masters of the imperialist policy to hold a conference and decide changing the teaching courses in addition to the following findings:

“We must teach, not culture, the sons of the colonies. We must teach them practical affairs that make them good instrumentality in factories, stores, and farms without expanding the horizons of views and ideas to more than the required.”[3]

This was the last conclusion that the imperialists could attain for solving the problem of teaching in the colonies. Hence, teaching became barren and imperfect since it lacked the elements of vital edification by which the ideological life achieves advancement. Such a restricted teaching will cause harsh injuries to the citizens because it hinders the mental maturity and the march of the social development.


The Western teaching carried the signals of terminating and devastating all of the genuine values from which the nation drives its conceptual and social aspects. It also targeted this nation’s vital constituents so as to take it away from its factuality. Furthermore, the Western teaching doped this nation totally to make it unaware of the excruciating strikes that drove the elements of disintegration and collapse all over its parts. The following are the most hideous effects of this teaching invasion:

Exclusion of Islam:

The Western teaching systems spared no efforts for excluding Islam and eradicating any of its trace in the teaching entity. They tried to expose a brief picture that does not denote its goals or betrays its factuality.

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Teaching has neglected the affairs of this great religion that treated all of the problems of mankind and posed sound courses for the reformation. Teaching did not refer to the procedures that were applied during the reign of the Islamic State. The constructive policy, which was grounded upon the pure right and sheer justice, was the distinctive feature of those procedures. They are surely the honorable all over history. The Islamic policy granted people the extensive freedoms in the fields of doctrine and ideology as well as deeds and words. It also presented that fantastic equity in which prerogatives and patronage had no place. All people are equal before the law and the right. Furthermore, the Islamic policy rendered justice in its entire concepts and enormity and burdened the government with the liability of protecting and guarding it since it is a personal human right that everyone should enjoy.

The Islamic economy had no single gesture in the Western teaching. As a matter of fact, this economy appeases the development and achieves the general economic life as it eradicates poverty and deprivation. In the Islamic economic system, it is the governments’ responsibility to wipe out poverty and its ghost, which is the equivalent and the match of atheism. Governments are also asked to get labor and prepare its opportunities equally among people. They must open the doors to the social security the mission of which is supervising and meeting the needs of the sick, the handicapped, and the poor whose daily income is insufficient. The monition on markets and the eradication of monopoly and exploitation are the governments’ duty according to the Islamic economy. The Western teaching neglected also the rules of the Islamic education that achieve the social coherence, development, disciplining, cooperation, and protection against irregularity and aberrance. Besides, it neglected the Islamic great activities in the fields of the individual education and reformation and being endowed with high traits and noble ethics. It also neglected the Islamic social systems that care for the comprehensive unity of Muslims. This unity comprises the unification of feelings, emotions, fate, and trends.

The Western teaching has neglected all of the Islamic opinions in the life aspects. Moreover, it threw dense screens on the Islamic illumination and guidance, and showed it in a shape and frame other than that revealed from God. The Imperialist systems confessed that their teaching methods tried to loosen the Islamic ties. St. Wales says, “The Western education is a means of releasing the Islamic ties.”[1] Steward Grover declared, “The Western education made Muslims quote from the Christian principals and be ready to convert to Christianity inadvertently.”[2]

The imperialist powers made use of all of their teaching and political media for the purpose of expelling Islam out of the life factuality since it threatened their interests and cupidity. The following is quoted from the decisions of the German Imperialist Conference: “The development of Islam threatens an immense danger on the maturity of our colonies. The conference recommends the government of multiplying the supervision and monition over the phases of this movement. The  

[1] Refer to Al-Mueyyed the Egyptian newspaper: issue 6696.
[2] Refer to Raid on the Islamic world.

imperialist conference recommends resisting any activity that leads to the expansion of Islam, removing the obstacles that lie in the paths of Christianity, and benefiting by the missionaries’ activities that distribute the principals of civilization. Yet, it confirms the necessity of maintaining the plan of extrinsic neutrality in the religious affairs,”[1]

William Geofford Balcard says, “When we see the Quran and Mecca go away from the Arabs, only then we can make the Arab individuals slip in our civilization from which Mohammed and his book have taken him away.”

Anyhow, the imperialism has been ceaselessly plotting against Islam for eradicating and expelling it.

Imposing the Imperialists’ Language

The colonialists imposed their language in the teaching systems and made it a part of the studying programs on which success and failure depend. The French made their language the pivot of the total lessons. They said, “First of all, schools should be acting as institutes for learning French.”[2]

The English also imposed their language in their colonies and gave it a specific lesson. They opted for their language as the main tongue in the institutes of medicine, chemistry, and physics in addition to the Arabic literature and the Islamic history. Each Muslim who desires to obtain a certificate should study in the European institutes or their graduates. Mohammed Saeed Al-Urfi comments, “It is definitely the ugliest, the most terrible, and the nastiest shame that the Arabs receive the arts of their language of that glorious honor and ancient civilization from the enemies of their religion and language. This is surely the evident deviation. We have never heard that the arbiters and references of any elevated or humble language are other than its sons. Unfortunately, the present Arab nation is excluded. History has never referred to a nation receiving its language from its waylaying enemies.”[3]

Imposing the imperialists’ language in schools and institutes serves only their nationality, language, interests, and cupidity, and establish a permanent relation between those scientific institutes and the imperialists. Mohammed Saeed says, “These foreign languages are the main reason beyond the publicity of the foreign propaganda and the vile part of their civilization. They are the paths through which the West could seize the Arab countries as well as those in the east. It made this nation forbear the traditions and lose the religion, language, fashion, and everything related to the past. The most unfamiliar matter is that the foreign languages are dissatisfied in equating the Arabic in the shares of studying, consideration, and success. They excelled it in all these shares. Mastery of one foreign language is sufficient for obtaining a certificate even if the Arabic is unmastered. Therefore, the governments are highly concerned with teachers of European languages by picking  

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the most masterful teachers for this mission even in primary schools. Hence, pupils are brought up on cherishing the foreign languages as they notice the governments and nation care for this manner, and notice the teachers’ ability, authority, respect and distinctive payment. All these make pupils waste their national spirits.”[1]

The grand intellectuals and educationists denied imposing English languages in schools and institutes since it hinders mental growth and impedes the general course of studying in the country since students are not familiar with it. Ghandi says, “English language has stopped against conveying plurality of knowledge to the masses. The increasing interest in English language has burdened weighty things on teaching and interdicted children’s mentalities from enjoying natural life. Moreover, it has made them strange in their lands and homes.”[2]

Ghandi forbade English language in Indian schools for its great damages. He issued a decision that; “We will not permit teaching English because we realize that most of children’s time are wasted uselessly in memorizing English words and statements. Even if they are permitted to memorize and repeat these words and statements, they are unable of translating them into their mother language. They are also disable of benefiting by lessons of their teachers.”[3]

Islamic and Arab countries are able of expelling this language, which is one the imperialist residuals, and translate the textbooks into Arabic for the purpose of making the students’ tasks easier since this foreign language is overexerting them. Likewise, this process may enliven the Arabic that the imperialists attempted strenuously to kill and enervate. At any rate, mastering of more than one language is preferable and required according to doctrinal instructions. The Prophet (s) ordered Zeid bin Thabit of mastering the Hebrew. As an Arab proverb, it is said, “He whoever master a language of a people, will secure their evils.” Therewith, demanding with expelling the English languages from our scientific institutes is not an encouragement on restricting to the mother tongue. The solicitors of Islam are more required to master foreign languages than others so that they will broadcast solicitation to God and refute the suspected matters arisen against Islam.

Debilitation of the Arabic

Imperialist cadres use their powers entirely for enfeebling the standard Arabic, in which the Quran was revealed, and enlivening the colloquial. They aim at dragging the Muslims away from the huge conceptual wealth and masking the marvelous eloquence that draws people’s attention towards the Quran. Mohammed Saeed says, “The most important purpose beyond the colonialists’ opposing the Islamic education and preventing the new generations from reaching it, is their intendment to construct barriers between the generations and the Quran. They want these generations to misunderstand and misstate the Quran and its eloquence. Then they would affirm that  

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the nowadays generations refute eloquence and heaviness of the ancient heritage; therefore, they need renewal and simplification. This renewal and simplification is the very hole from which the imperialists intend to push their daggers into the body of Arabic language. Hence, the last hope of this generation’s return to the Quran and its guidance would be unattainable.”[1]

Satti al-Hissari poses another reason:

“The imperialists conceived that the standard Arabic has been the only means of the Arabs’ communication through which ideas and tendencies are transferred among the Arab countries. They also though that when the movements of publicizing the standard Arabic in the Arab countries are aborted and supplanted by others supporting the colloquial accents, only then each country would have its own accent. This would remove the idea of independence or any notion calling for unity of the Arab countries. English and French assemblies favored this thought and began to broadcast colloquial accents in the Arab countries especially the independent. A good number of famed personalities and Orientalists supported the thought that incited some Arabs on publicizing it ignoring its origin source and intendment and menacing consequences.

Some European individuals called for this idea and claimed that wireless radiobroadcasting, parties of singing, theatre and the cinema would sustain centers of colloquial accents all over the Arab countries since they communicate more than the standard. They also claimed that plays of colloquial accents attract more audience. All these elements will finally give victory to the colloquial accent to overcome the standard.”[2]

This is the teaching and educational trend of the Western colonialists who have spared no efforts for executing this nation and eradicating its conceptual and mental constituents.


Communism had its own policy of teaching. They conceive that scientific movement should be brought up on bases of Marxism only. All of the scientific and teaching institutes are required to identify the students of instructions of Marx, Angeles and Lenin in universal and social laws in addition to changing from capitalism into socialist communism. They also intend to identify the students of the Russian revolution of October, policy of the communist party and the pressure of workers in capitalist states.

In truth, the most important goal of communist teachings is seeding the Marxist beliefs in mentalities of the coming generations for forming the pupils’ trends and tendencies in such a way according the international communist viewpoint. Now, we should survey their teaching courses and their constructive criticism.

[1] Refer to Experiment of Islamic education: 76.
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Study of the Constitution

Students of the tenth grade are obliged on studying the Soviet constitution, as a try to convince them that communism is the most elevated of the democratic regimes. It is also purposed for introducing the triumphs the Soviet Union has achieved thanks to wholeness of socialist systems that are the first stage of shifting into communism. In this program, students should study the regulations and the role of communist party in governing the country as well as the Soviet citizens’ duties.[1] They selected this age for this study so that the youth would construct Marxism in their mentalities for believing in their objects and sacrificing for their principals.

Atheistic Tendency

The Communists’ main concern is planting atheism and the eternity of the cosmos in the students’ mentalities, and teaching them that no eternal being has created the universe. They also teach that materials are not negative or static that receive their movements from the soul, but they are energetic beings that enjoy self-governing and independent from the soul. Furthermore, they teach that materials are passing through ceaseless historical developments, and the universe is infinite with no creator or life donator. Politzer and his companions say, “The idea of God wasted its content totally. Disputation on the existence and nonexistence of God has no longer arisen thanks to the non-Marxist naïve trend. God became a useless hypothesis, as Laplas affirms. Ideal objective trend cannot distinct the solution of God’s existence problem and that of God’s existence in people’s minds.”[2] Lenin says, “Hypothesis of Heraclitus, the ancient philosopher who surmised that the world is one and not created by a god or a man, and will ceaselessly remain as a lively spark that flames and extinguish according to certain laws, is a fantastic exposition of the principals of the atheist dialect tendency.”[3]

Refuting Hegel’s hypothesis of pre-earth existence, Angles says, “ Hypothesis of the pre-earth existence is mere residuals of the illusion of believing in the creator of this earth. The only reality is actually that material world we can realize and belong.”[4]

Science, ancient and modern philosophical studies have nullified the atheist hypothesis. It has been proven that every possible necessitates to an existing cause for composing and existing. This cause makes and transfers the possible from nonexistence to existence. It is impracticable that a caused can be existed without the act of an existing. In a like manner, no reason can be without reasoning. The existing cause should inevitably be having active ability and firm will of existing and composition lest it is impossible for composition and creation to exist since the wanting cannot grant its long-sought aim. Everything in this universe is a witness on  

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God’s existence, competence and almightiness. As we analyze and study any of the universal phenomena, even by means of deduction, we do nothing more than noticing God’s traces and eminence. We can see God’s portents in our souls, as well as every single particle in this existence.”

They screened their intellectualities against gazing at these planets spreading in the space and counting hundreds of millions. Modern science has discovered stars too innumerable to need less than seven hundred years to attain the number if 1500 stars are counted per minute. The ratio of the earth to these stars is as less as a point on a letter in a library containing more than half a million volumes.

It is most naturally that serendipity was not the source of such a system. Serendipity is too short to manage and create such worlds. “It is impossible to find reasonable explanation for the claim that such a schematization in the universal phenomena, along with those causative relations, perfection, assumptions, coincidence, and counterpoise. The other prodigies disposed such systems whose effects are constant in the various ages. It is unattainable to understand that there is no creator and manager of this marvelous creating.” John William Cotes says, “The universe in which we’re living is too dexterous and complicated to be the product of serendipity. It is fascinatingly filled up with miracles and complicated structures that necessitate a manager and can never be ascribed to a blind fate. Sciences have indisputably helped us in increasing the understanding and estimation of phenomena of this cosmos. Correspondingly, our recognition of God has augmented.”[1]

Using their satellites, spaceships and all of the scientific devices, the great powers tried to identify the factuality of stars and explore whether they are suitable for life or not. They spent thousand millions of their people’s riches, but they did not turn their mentalities and intellects to exploring the creator of these stars. They turned their heads aside, engaged themselves in gloomy anarchy, and insisted on denying Him intentionally while He has shown facts people’s intellects and mentalities can see obviously. They did not involve their minds in these stars that rotate in a fascinating and orderly system that is too elevated to be realized by mentalities. God says:

Neither is it allowable to the sun that it should overtake the moon, nor can the moon outstrip the day, and all float on in a sphere.

Hours, minutes, and seconds cannot measure the circulations of the earth and the sun as well as the other planets. They are measured by the speed of rays that cover 186 thousand miles a second. The cosmos has proceeded in such an accurate order with regular affairs and overflowing results. Any error in these courses causes the planets’ stroke and worlds’ combustion.

They did not apply assiduously in the planet we are living on. It is hanged in the space and its pivot rotates once per twenty-four hours. The speed of its movement is one thousand miles per hour. It levitates around the sun once a year. This creates the consecution of the four seasons. Supposing its speed is one hundred miles per hour, length of night and day will be tenfold, and the sun will be burning all the plants in  

[1] Refer to Allah is unequivocal in age of science: 48.

summer and every being will be freezing in the cold nights. In the same way, supposing the sun approaches the earth, the rays will be increasing in such a way obliterating life on its surface. The opposite will occur if the sun is little remoter from the earth. Supposing the earth is as large as moon, it will be too short to reserve the encompassing hydrous and atmospheric covers. As well, temperature will be too high to live. Supposing the earth’s diameter is twofold, the gravity will be consequently twofold. This will reduce the aerial cover and increase the atmospheric pressure. Supposing the earth is as large as the sun, gravity will be reach 150 folds. This will cause reduction of the aerial cover, each animal will weigh 150 folds of its present weight, and man’s mental life will be generally absent.

God has given the earth another quality; that is the gaseous cover the density of which is 800 km. This cover preserves temperatures suitable for life. It also carries the vapor of waters of oceans into remote distances inside the continents where they condense to form the rainfall with which derelict lands are invigorated. This cover is also the reason that precludes the fatal fireballs from arriving at the earth. Correspondingly, it is the way through which sun heat reaches the earth moderately, enabling plants and animals to live on its surface. Some planets lose such a cover; therefore, life there is absent. Mars, for instance, has slender gaseous cover that is empty of oxygen. So, it is unlivable.

Competence of Almighty God is clear in every creature. Intellects are too stunted to identify Him.

Ibn abil-Hadid composes two verses of poetry in which he says:

In Thy, marvel of the cosmos, the intellect has been ailed

Thou has perplexed the sound-minded and befuddled the intellects

When my conception approaches Thee a span, it absconds a mile

Fleeing and stumbling in purblind enigma and losing the right path.

Atheists had inaccurate, unconscious, surface and idiot look on this existence; hence, they established a conventional frame grounded upon denial of the Almighty Creator whose competence has been obvious in everything. They have not looked upon their bodies and the spectacular systems there; all of that do refer to God’s existence. The eye with which they see comprises telescopic and microscopic designs. They eye enjoys 130 million light receptive that are the extremities of sight nerves. The eyebrow that holds the cilia protects and guards the eye day and night from dusts and particles and reflects sunlight and installs that encompassing liquid known as tears with its unintentional movement. Besides, tears are the most effective antiseptics and sterilizers. In addition, there are tens of such microscopic devises in the eye all of that states the existence of the Almighty Creator.

Let us take a look on the hearing sense. It is one of the most complicated devises of human body. It contains a system about which Corthi the scientist says, “This system contains a sort of channels between spiral and half-circulated. In the spiral part there are four thousand small arcs connected to the hearing nerve in the head.”

How long is each arc? How big are they? How were they constructed? They are surely astounding and mind-boggling. Were these composed serendipitously? Or was

it the purblind nature that created it? Adopters of such opinions are degrading to bass levels of ignorance.

The smelling sense is also spectacular. Its center is a restricted area of embodied mucous membrane having several olfactory long and slim cells the function of which is conveying the effect to the brain in a part of the nose, which is the main entrance to the respiratory system.

Human body has also the osteal tract that consists of 206 bones connected to each other by the knuckles. These bones form the factory of life in the body since they compose the white and red corpuscles about 130 millions of which expire every minute as they defend human body against the coming microbes. Likewise, bones are the store in which residuals are kept. Fatty and albumin materials are reserved inside the bones while calcic outside.

Human body has other accurate tracts such as the nervous, genital, lymphatic and muscular systems that are amazingly regulated.

How is it acceptable to conceive that these systems are created serendipitously or randomly?

Souls’ safes, inspiration, interaction and agitations are totally comprehending conflicting elements and opposite qualities such as illumination and gloomy, mercy and severity, toleration and ire and the like. Allama Samawi poetizes:

O soul! Like the cosmos, you have light and dark

You are war and peace, and it is war and peace

Whenever a regime dominates in you, another is ruined

Is it not unity of justice that decreed what is unknown?

Like the sun, you have rise and set on the cosmos

You are the core of the cosmos if union and incarnation are fit

Brains shined in you and others deviated

On the midway of doubt sat those who do not know.

How can the deaf nature or serendipity create such worlds living in the mental world? Believers in such unacceptable thoughts do never have any amount of illumination and ideology. Unfortunately, fog of atheism has found a way in the mentalities of many Muslim young whose minds have been filled up with doubts and illusion as the outcome of ignorance and conscious education. Marxist, and other, ideologies that are based upon ultimate belief of materialism and denial of God and considering Him as fable and restrictive illusion, have invaded those youth’s minds.

The conceptual frame of Marxism is surely one of the comics and trivial delusion of human ideology. It will soon diminish and remove before the logic and evidence. Except the deviants who lack genuineness of personality and counterpoise in behavior and thinking, none adopts such ideology.

Communism insists on holding fast to their beliefs of denying the Almighty Creator. It poses a dialectical material explanation for every fact. This non-scientific base, it grounded its teaching courses.


For the communists, mathematics develops the dialectical thinking of the children’s mentalities. They ascribed the mathematical studies to the qualities and basic laws of matters. In other words, the material world forms a subjective depiction that is isolated from perception. On this account, they expressed that the natural matter supports the complicated phenomena such as atomic energy. They also discussed that matter and energy are immortal, and energy can be modified into other types. The result of so is that the natural matter has a big significance in the composition of the materialist dialectical hypothesis.[1]

The ancient, as well as modern, scientific studies have nullified oldness, immortality and non-creation of matters. The philosophical conference, held in Russia, has proven that matters necessitate the existing cause. They have also evidences that every possible in this universe must have had an active cause that grants life and survival.[2]


The communists have regarded history as the grand substance of seeding the communist ideas and principals. Kariov says, “History is the strong arm of the communist education. It supports with scientific answers that guide in the path of the human development, and provides means of growth. It helps in assuaging birth of the new society and making the pupils understand the basic facts in addition to revealing the classes struggle. The history of the Soviet Union enjoys a special significance since it helps the pupils comprehend the deeds of the inestimable socialist revolution. It also helps in appreciating the wars of heroism that their fathers and forefathers waded for the sake of freedom. Teachers of history guide the pupils to sustain the victory of the revolution and develop the desire of using all powers for achieving the efforts that their fathers exerted for constructing the communist society in the Soviet Union. It also brings up loyalty to the interests of the working classes, and the discordance with all of the reactionary powers.”[3] For the communists, the interpretation of history is mere economic. Marx looked in history and tried to identify the powers that formed it in the present picture. Conclusively, he opted for the material or the economical interpretation. This viewpoint determined that the reference of all of the historical events and incentives was the economy.

Marx has regarded the matter as the chief motive of history that controlled its development. The other elements can be demarcated through matter only because they are not independent in composition and form. The material circumstances that are connected to the production means and the reciprocal relations of the social classes influence the existence and formation of these elements. On the other hand,  

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Hegel considers that the material fact along with its economical, political, and social situations is only a material reflection of absolute concepts the source of which is the intellect.

For Hegel, substances are formed according to intellectual influences. Yet, Marx did not change his mind. He expressed that dialectical development is propelled by influences of matter or production means and art. Hegel affirms that concept is the base of development and the former of factuality.

Marx said, “Judicial, social, political, technological and philosophic as well the other intellectual aspects cannot be merely understandable since they combine and shape according to influences of material or economic elements. Economic situations are the basic pivot around which the general situations entirely circulate. I wonder what that overdeveloping material phenomenon that governs history of mankind is. It is neither the geographical nor massiveness of population that does not change. It is fundamentally the development of production means. Economic elements work for maturing society of mankind. Human beings spend most of their times in work for securing their food, clothes and house. Each uses certain devices in their jobs. Development of these devises improves man’s mutual relations and creates the discord of social relations and contrariety of ideologies. Economic factors control all these. On this account, history develops. Feudal society is the outcome of hand mills, while the capital industrial society is the outcome of vapory mills.”

Communists pose material explanations for all of the historical events. Engels says, “Like the natural, active social powers work aimlessly with demolishing power we could not understand and estimate. As soon as we understand and comprehend their deeds, trends and effects, then it is our concern to subject them. We can achieve our objectives through such powers. As we understand natures of these powers, they change in the producers’ hands from crude masters into obedient servants.”[1]

Communists believe that matter is the main explainer of historical events and generations’ march and generate the social forms that copy the individual relations in societies. Marx says, “It is not obligatory to search for the historical clue in people’s minds, opinions and concepts. This clue should be searched in production means and subjective laws of economy that work separately away from people’s wills.”

The logic Marxism uses in educing and searching for this phenomenon is actually sectarian, not methodical since it does not depend upon scientific studies related to accurate statistic and sound comparisons. It subjects history to singly to the economic elements without referring to any trace of human conscience and mental, family and emotional cognizance in addition to any other tendencies. It is most naturally that such factors have the effective authority in development of mankind societies and progression. Reformers went on reforming the general situations and advancing life means without being incited by any economic or material motive.

A great deal of activists contributed acutely in erecting civilizations of mankind. They instituted the preeminent idealities and opened noble horizons for their people;  

[1] Refer to Soviet Manifesto: 32.

any material aspect did not induce all these activities. The only objective has been reformation and fancy of general rectitude.[1]


The communists paid no attention to literature. They picked up only those topics that praise Marxism and the economic elements or those satirizing capitalism. This was, for them, the highest level that takes the authors to the top, even if the writings are affected by valueless style and idea. The reason that they cited was that the economic elements had been the principal rule of literature as well as other arts. This is most surely unreal. Literature is an emotional state that is irrelevant to any economic factor since its resource is man’s feelings and surrounding circumstances. The elegies of the morose emotional poetry that vibrates the codes of spirits to arouse the warmth of grief and dolor, and those poems that cite pictures of this nature and universal views were not originated by materialism. Only those who had no idea of the factuality of literature that is grounded on mere emotions and feelings, which are far away from material influences; only those may declare such false opinions.


Communism has paid great attention in choosing definite textbooks. The officials, hence, have checked the books accurately and sweepingly, to empty them from any idea antagonizing Marxism. In February 12, 1933, the Central Committee of Communist Party issued a decision decreeing that each word and definition –in the books of study- should be concordant to the communist principals. This was the reaction of their past unconcern with the studying courses.

Under the government’s supervision, the studying books have been arranged and edited so that it would include the required basic information that reflect the viewpoints of the ruling authorities.[2] Such firm procedures resulted in the generations’ deprivation of detecting the other scientific values that contribute in constructing a scientific personality and the prosperity of the conceptual movements.

The previous exposition of the cultural frames of capitalism and Marxism has shown that they dedicated their teaching efforts to the industrial sciences that developed man in such an unexpected astonishing way. Yet, they have neglected the spiritual aspects and used the axe of demolishing for eradicating all of the distinctive human values. Hence, they have wasted the shades of mercy, mutual relations, family and social ties and exalted the standards that play a considerable role in creating man’s behavior and equanimity.

Primarily, the cultural planning of the modern education, whether in capitalism or communism, aims at inciting the youth to obtain the certificate through which they save their living. Most of the youth have disdained knowledge, thrown the book, and embarked voraciously on their desires and impulses as soon as they got a job.

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Most of the graduates forget their scholastic information as soon as they leave the teaching institutes. This is because of the velocity of teaching. Many psychological surveys of teaching have proven that 50% of the students disremembered the scholastic information they had received in the colleges in one year. Eighty percent of the information have been disremembered two years later.[1] These disadvantages have been the outcome of the speedy teaching and the seeking of studies for purposes other than obtaining knowledge.

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