The Final Conclusion- Your Journey to Certainty

This text is directed to everyone; those who are looking for the Right Path, those who are lost and who need spiritual guidance, and also those who have already identified the true path but would like to reaffirm and strengthen their faith and beliefs. The author, Dr. Hatem Abu Shahba, takes the reader in an exceptional and rewarding spiritual journey with the sincere attempt to discover the truth and build the foundations of our faith from scratch using logic and common sense only and with an open mind that is ready to accept the truth wherever it is.

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  1. Preface
  2. Translator’s Introduction
  3. 1st Case Study: The Divine Presence
  4. 2nd Case Study: Muhammad - The Messenger of God and the Seal of Prophets and Messengers
  5. 3rd Case Study: Ali - The Appointed Guardian From God, the Executor of the Prophet's Will and His Successor
  6. 4th Case Study: The Eleven Executors of Will, Leaders (Imams), Guardians, and Proofs of God
  7. 5th Case Study: The Twelfth Imam, the Occulted & Awaited One, the Sustainer and Rising One - Al Hujjah ibn Al-Hasan Al-Mahdi
  8. Conclusion