The Hidden Truth about Karbala

The Injustice against the Ahlul Bayt and their Followers Since then Until Now

The battle at Karbala is a well-known tragedy in human history. It is not fiction or legend but a historical fact. This is an excellent narrative that chronicles the injustices against the Ahlul Bayt and their followers through the ages until now.

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  1. Dedication of the first Edition
  2. Dedication of The second Edition
  3. Preface to the First Edition
  4. Introduction to the First Edition
  5. Preface to the Second Edition
  6. Chapter 1: Preamble
  7. Chapter 2: Historical Background
  8. Chapter 3: The Antagonists
  9. Chapter 4: Nomination of Ali to the Caliphate by the Prophet (S)
  10. Chapter 5: The Intrigue
  11. Chapter 6: Attributing fallibility to the Prophet
  12. Chapter 7: Hadith
  13. Chapter 8: Mutilation of the Concept of Jihad
  14. Chapter 9: Mutilation of the Concept of Zakat and Khums
  15. Chapter 10: The Caliphate
  16. Chapter 11: Imam Ali, The only Caliph by Public Choice
  17. Chapter 12: Imamate
  18. Chapter 13: The Muslim Empire
  19. Chapter 14: Yazid bin Mu’awiya bin Abu Sufyan
  20. Chapter 15: Imam Husayn migrates to Mecca
  21. Chapter 16: Muslim bin Aqeel: Imam Husayn’s Ambassador to Kufa
  22. Chapter 17: Imam Husayn’s Migration from Mecca
  23. Chapter 18: Imam Husayn’s journey to Karbala
  24. Chapter 19: Yazid’s forces gather at Karbala
  25. Chapter 20: Seventh and eighth of Muharram
  26. Chapter 21: The Ninth of Muharram
  27. Chapter 22: Ashura; the Tenth of Muharram
  28. Chapter 23: The Martyrs
  29. Chapter 24: The Burial of the Martyrs
  30. Chapter 25: Persecution after Karbala
  31. Chapter 26: Miracles
  32. Chapter 27: Persecution of the Shia
  33. Part A: Demolition of the Shrines
  34. Part B: Persecution of the Shia by the Umayyads
  35. Part C: Persecution of the Shia by the Abbasid kings
  36. Part D: Persecuton of the Shia during the Period when a Multitude of Caliphs came to Rule the Muslim World
  37. Part E: Persecution under the Mongols and Recent Times
  38. Appendix: The Martyrs at Karbala
  39. Bibliography
  40. A Prayer