The Islamic Hijab (Veil)

The 'Islamic Hijab (Veil)' is a text written with the aim to give a more factual approach, and a deeper meaning to Hijab in Islam. It addresses the responsibility both men and women have in applying Hijab, as well as addressing the doubts one may have, and logically explaining 'Why Hijab?'. The Al-Balagh foundation have thoroughly researched this topic using authentic sources, including the Holy Qur'an.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Islamic Hijab: its Form and Meaning
  3. Why Hijab?
  4. Responsibility of Hijab for Man and Woman
  5. Doubts Concerning Hijab
  6. Woman's Role in the Islamic Civilization
  7. What The Holy Qur'an And Traditions Say About Woman And Social Life