1. the Most Brilliant Creation!

God Almighty appeared to man a hidden gem. His Providence had decided to create a human creature on Earth, who would be His rightful heir. So, To show His Might and Power, and to create the most noble creature who would be His trustful servant, and the keeper of His Knowledge, He created the five “ Holy Ones “. Among these five Holy creatures, on the Heavenly plane, Hazraté Fâtemeye Zahra was the most beautiful creation among all the other creations…

In an authentic Hadis, it is said:” O Ahmad! If it weren’t for thee, I would never have created Heavens and Earth, and if it weren’t for Ali, I would never have created thee, and if it weren’t for Fâtemeh, I would never have created you two…”

Yes… It is true that Fâtemeh was an Angel… A most beautiful angel, who for a while, clothed herself with the clothes of Man. So it is not so strange when God says:” We gave you Kowssar! So, respect your God with your prayer, give an offering, for he who is your enemy, will not have any progeny…” [Al-Kowssar, 1-3].

Imam Bagher has been reported to say:” This is the pure Tree of our Prophet; and its trunk is represented by Ali, while its root are represented by Fâtemeh, and its fruit are Fâtemeh’s Progeny, and finally its leaves and blossoms are none others than the Shiites of Fâtemeh…”

*       *       *