3. the Virtues of FÂtemeh!

Fâtemeh is the most gracious Lady that the world has known and seen so far…! All the friends and all the enemies of Islam, are wont to admit to her numerous virtues and to her great wisdom. Fâtemeh is so full of magnificence, innocence and greatness, and possesses such a high rank in the Divine Hierarchy, that God has promised Himself  to save all those who truly love Fâtemeh, from Hell, and to bestow upon these faithful believers, all the Benedictions that come forth from the adoration of the Angels towards Himself.

In the Eyes of God, Fâtemeh possesses such magnitude and such closeness to the Divine Love that God has named her : the most Dignified Lady among all other women in the whole world … This divine title, means that she is not only a perfect human being, but that she also has links with the great entities of Islam.

Thus, God Almighty has promised Himself that whenever Fâtemeh Becomes angry at someone, God Himself shall be angry at that person, and whoever shall rejoice her, shall also rejoice God.

*       *       *