Inner Peace of Mind

The inner disturbances that afflict the human heart prevent him from enjoying true peace of mind.

These disturbances often stem from a resentment of circumstances and an inability to accept things that cannot be changed. One of the signs of faith is calmness and strength of spirit bestowed by submission to Allah. Outer circumstances cannot disturb this inner serenity.

Submission is to trust that God knows all things and has a master plan for our affairs. The Holy Qur'an says:

Perhaps you dislike something while it is good for you, and perhaps you love something and it is evil for you, and Allah knows while you do not know. (2:216)

His will that Husayn (a) be martyred, then Zaynab (as) would accept and submit. Submission and being pleased with Allah's decree was their armor against the pain of the tragedy.

The women of Karbala have given us many lessons, among them the peace that can be gained from submission to Allah's decree.

When Zaynab binte Ali (a) saw her brother going off to the battle field, she prayed:

O our Lord, accept from us this sacrifice. My God, if this pleases You, then take until You are well pleased. The pleasure of Allah is a paramount consideration in all affairs, and if it was Ridha is the Arabic term used to denote the quality of being pleased with Allah's decree. The following hadith are strong on the importance of ridha:

  • The peak of obedience to Allah is ridha, whether the servant likes it [the decree] or dislikes it. Imam as-Sadiq (as).

  • The root of ridha is trust in Allah Imam Ali (as)

  • How can a believer be a believer when he is angry at his lot and resents his position, while he knows that the Decreer on him is Allah? Imam al- Hasan (as)

The fruits of complete submission include freedom, peace, happiness and tranquility. Lead a more peaceful and happier life regardless of your circumstances by submitting to what Allah has decreed.

As Imam as-Sadiq (as) says:

Happiness and comfort lie in Ridha and Yaqeen, while worry and grief lie in doubt and anger at Allah's decree. "Anecdote" of Palestine The Hebrews also came as conquerors to Palestine. Long before them were many other semitic and non-semitic tribes settled there -the Amorties, the Edonioles, the Philistines, the Monbities, and the Hittites. These tribes lived there even in the days of the kingdom of Israel and Judah.

They continued living there after the Romans drove their ancestors away. The Arabs who settled in Syria and Palestine after their conquest in the 11th centaury were only a small minority of the population. The rest of what we describe today as Palestinians or Syrian "Arabs" are in reality only the arabianised, original inhabitants of the country.

Some of them became Muslims in the course of centuries, others remained Christians.

The Muslims naturally Contributed by M.J.Mussa inter-married with their co-religionists from Arabia. But can you deny that the bulk of those people in Palestine, who speak Arabic,

whether Muslim or Christians, are direct-line descendents of the original? Original in the sense of having lived in this country centuries before the Hebrews came to it?

The Jews have been away from Palestine for nearly two thousand years. Before that that had ruled this country and hardly even the whole of it, for less than 500 years; don't you think the Arabs could, with equal justification, demand Spain for themselves- for after all, they ruled in Spain for nearly 700 years and lost it entirely only 500 years ago?

Extracted from 'The Road to Mecca' by a Hungarian Author.

The Messenger of Allah (s) said: "Verily I have been sent to accomplish noble traits of character."