[^1] Tareed (exiled) and Shareed (fugitive) are titles of our Master, His Eminence Hujjat (a.s.).

[^2] Muhammad bin Abdul Hamid and Abdus Samad bin Muhammad.

[^3] Muhammad bin Abdullah, Mahaz bin Hasan Muthannna bin Hasan bin Ali bin Abi Talib

[^4] Qays is an area of Egypt.

[^5] Perhaps it denotes the Zaidiyyah who are considered to be from Aale Muhammad (a.s.) since they are descendants of Lady Fatima (s.a.).

[^6] Imam Ja’far Sadiq (a.s.) had prohibited Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Hasan Muthanna from staging an uprising and also prophesied his killing, but the latter didn’t pay heed.

[^7] Mecca and some parts of Hijaz are together known as Tahama.

[^8] The detached portion of a mosque set aside for communal prayer, and frequently enclosing the tomb of the patron saint. (A Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic – Hans Wehr)

[^9] Perhaps Mawali is for non-Arabs who have settled in the Arab lands.

[^10] In Biharul Anwar it is ‘you have killed us’ and in Ghaibat of Nomani it is ‘we bring faith’.

[^11] One who marks the infidels.

[^12] Plural of Nasibi, enemy of Ahle Bayt (a.s.)

[^13] Nickname: Ibne Kawwa. He was a Kharijite.

[^14] Act of leaving the preferable option.

[^15] One who marks the infidels.

[^16] Surah Momin 40:11

[^17] Surah Anam 6:79