Who Compiled the Qur'an?

In the previous hadith, what draw our attention are the words of the Archangel Gabriel to the Prophet at the time of the revelation of the final Qur'anic verse:

'Place them at the head of the 280th verse of the second chapter.'

It is then clear that Allah (through the Angel Gabriel) commanded the Prophet (S) to compile the Qur'an and to organise its structure in a precise manner even as far as the numbering of the verses. This the Prophet indeed did during his life as Allah had ordered and it was not for the Prophet (S) to leave the Qur'an disparate so that someone after him should compile it.

It is not possible that the Prophet (S) with his great concern and endeavour in preserving the Qur'an should neglect the task of compiling and structuring it and leave the Qur'an scattered amongst the Muslims and delegate the task of compiling it to them. This especially so after revelation had informed him: {You are mortal and they are mortals.}12

It is not possible that the Prophet (S) could be deeply concerned with the Qur'an on the one hand so that he would order that it should be memorised and paid attention to, and encourage its recital and the practice of its tenets particularly in his final days. He would say repeatedly:

'I leave behind me two momentous things - the book of Allah and my kin, the people of my household. As long as you adhere to them both you will never go astray after me ever.'13

It is not right that he would do this and at the same time fail to compile the Qur'an and by doing so leave it scattered.

12 The Qur'an: The Groups (39):30.

13 Fiqh al-Qur'an: vol.1,p.63, the words 'after me ever' are omitted. See also Irshad al- Qulub: p.340, 'I leave with you the two momentous things, as long as you adhere to them you will never go astray - the book of Allah and my kin the people of my household. These are the two Caliphs for you and they will never separate from one another until we meet at the well of Kauthar.'

The Qur'an is the eternal constitution of Islam and its inimitable miracle surviving throughout the aeons and ages until the day of resurrection. It is not therefore logical to assume that the Prophet would leave the Qur'an scattered, without compiling it.

How is it conceivable that Allah should permit His Prophet (S) not to compile that Qur'an despite having said in the Qur'an: {It is our duty to compile it and recite it.}14

Allah also says: {We have sent down the Reminder and We shall be its protectors.}15

It is therefore the duty of the Prophet (S) to deliver the Qur'an as a structured whole to all people as compiled and structured by Allah.

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