Preference of the Centre


Praise is to Allah the Lord of the worlds, the best blessing and the complete salutation are to the loyal chosen “Mustafa” and his pure progeny however; Man’s viewpoint about life, universe and his concepts in different fields, rather even his emotions and senses all of these centre around the axis of the belief which he adopts and which contributes in his ideological, ethical and social constructing, and directing his energies to words development and change.

If positive (unreligious) schools had achieved some success in the materialistic fields of civilization it has proved its failure in responding to man’s need for an honorable life free from the chains of indecency and profligacy. So moral corruption, ethical decline familial dissociation and ideological emptiness have been the most outstanding outputs of the materialistic civilization which Man has created on the ideological individual and social level of life.

The creator’s wisdom has required that He guides him to the roots and origins from which he draws his knowledge and the truths of this being so that he could reach through them to the right beliefs which are purified of blemishes and far from deviation due to the fact that Allah has bestowed upon him the pure nature as a cresset which guides him to the light, the light of the right Islamic belief which has enlightened with its brightness what is around it.

When one judges with his mind he finds that the Islamic belief forms complete system for human life with all of its stages and draws the way to all of its sides, harmonizes with human composition, ensures the accomplishment of the spiritual and materialistic needs of the individual in a balanced and precise manners and in a way which secures his dignity and personality.

On the bases of this belief the building of personality is founded, the personality of the individual, the society, and the Islamic state duties are specified, justice and equity are achieved, security and peace are settled, liability and solidarity originate, virtues and noble qualities nourish and man is built on all levels.

On the ideological level: the Islamic belief has rescued man from the world of legendry and ignorance to help him enter the world of knowledge and light, stimulating his potential energy to speculate and learn lessons from the evidences and proofs of Allah (be glorified) so it has cast away imitation in believing and connected between knowledge and faith.

On the social level: the Islamic belief has succeeded in elevating social relationships for from the bases of tribal spirit, color and wealth up to moral bases such as piety, virtue and human brotherhood, so Moslims had formed the best nation that humanity has seen after they had been separated and conflicting groups.

On the ethical level: the Islamic belief has succeeded in promoting the subjective motive which relies on the basis of believing the creator’s observation of all Man’s movements and stillness and what follows that from reward and punishment, this matter resulted in moderating the instincts and growing the tree of virtues and making them as a common ingredient of all Islamic laws.

The Islamic belief has also contributed in building the society economically, politically and educationally, so it represents the strong factor in the history of the Islamic civilization.

Thus, in order to raise the Moslim human being from the state of spiritual weakness, from the slipping into the holes of materialism and its temptations he should be reminded of the fruits of that belief, stabilizing his perscuation of its strength and suitability for all ages, using contemporary language, and inform that matches with the necessities of the modern age and mental analysis.

Our book clarifies to you these truths plainly, following intellectual research and analysis, using an interesting easy style and a straight scientific survey which lead ideas far from the holes of deviation and fantastic imagination, and direct them towards pure truths and brilliant evidences.

So, we thank Allah for what he has granted and praised Him for the success he bestowed and it is on Him we depend.

Al-Risaalah Centre.