The Role of Women towards the System of Wilayat

Why do you need a System of Wilayat? What are the effects of a Fironic system on a society? What current system are you living your live? Can you secure your end by being indifferent to the system in which you are living? What role women have to play in establishing a system of wilayah in a society? This book addresses these questions in an elegant and easy to understand manner. This book is a translation of the Urdu Seminar "Nizam-e-Wilayat" delivered by: Hujjatul Islam Sayed Jawad Naqvi. It is an eye opener for us that makes us realize our faults and our responsibilities towards the society in which we are living our lives.

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  1. Translator's Notes
  2. Guidance and Purpose of Creation
  3. System, A Means of Achieving Perfection
  4. The Islamic System and Other Systems of Society
  5. The Holy Quran – Source of Guidance
  6. Bani Israel and the System of Firon
  7. Ancestral Association Does Not Guarantee Protection
  8. Dua of Arafah and the System of Wilayat
  9. The First Characteristic of a Fironic System
  10. The Second Characteristic of a Fironic System
  11. Moosa (as), The Saviour from Fironic System
  12. Why Should We Be Concerned About Our Governing System?
  13. Women and Current Affairs
  14. Dictatorship under the Veil of Democracy
  15. The Effects of Fironic System
  16. Saamri and His Idol Calf
  17. Moosa and Haroon
  18. The Primary Responsibility of Women during Occultation
  19. The Fundamental Problem of the Ummah that Helps Saamris
  20. Wilayat, The True System of Governance
  21. The Role of Women towards the System of Wilayat
  22. Questions and Answers