The Virtues of Sayyidah Fatimah (sa)

A collection of hadith by a Sunni Scholar on the virtues and status of Sayyidah Fatimah (sa), the blessed daughter of Prophet Muhammad (saw).

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  1. The Author
  2. Introduction
  3. General Note
  4. 1) The Family of Fatimah (sa) is the Ahl-ul- Bait (People of the House)
  5. 2) The Family of Fatimah (sa) are ‘the People of Kisaa’
  6. 3) Fatimah (sa) is the leader of all women
  7. 4) Fatimah (sa) is the leader of women in Paradise
  8. 5) Allah (SWT) has forbidden Hell Fire for Fatimah (sa) and her family
  9. 6) The mother of Fatimah (sa) is the best of all women
  10. 7) “Fatimah! My mother and father be sacrificed for you”
  11. 8) Fatimah (sa), a part of the Prophet (saw)
  12. 9) The Holy Prophet (saw) used to stand up for Fatimah (sa)
  13. 10) The Holy Prophet (saw) laid out his cloak for Fatimah (sa)
  14. 11) The journey of the Holy Prophet (saw) started and ended at the house of Fatimah (sa)
  15. 12) Fatimah (sa): the centre of love for the Holy Prophet (saw) on earth
  16. 13) Nobody’s habits resembled more to the Holy Prophet (saw)
  17. 14) The pleasure of Fatimah (sa) is the pleasure of the Holy Prophet (saw)
  18. 15) Whoever angers Fatimah (sa) angers the Messenger of Allah (saw)
  19. 16) The pleasure of Fatimah (sa) is the pleasure of Allah (SWT)
  20. 17) Whoever hurts Fatimah (sa) hurts the Holy Prophet (saw)
  21. 18) The enemy of Fatimah (sa) is the enemy of the Holy Prophet (saw)
  22. 19) The enemy of the family of Fatimah (sa) is a hypocrite, cursed and bound for Hell
  23. 20) Fatimah (sa) beholder of the secret of the Messenger of Allah (saw)
  24. 21) Fatimah (sa) is the fruitful branch of the tree of Prophethood
  25. 22) The Prophet (saw) himself is a witness to the chastity and honour of Fatimah (sa)
  26. 23) Allah (SWT) ordained the marriage of Fatimah (sa) to Ali (as)
  27. 24) Fatimah’s (sa) marriage ceremony at the Upper Heavens with the participation of forty thousand angels
  28. 25) Prayers of the Holy Prophet (saw) for Fatimah (sa) and her descendants
  29. 26) Ali (as) was not allowed to marry again during the lifetime of Fatimah (sa)
  30. 27) Fatimah’s sons the inheritors of the attributes of the Prophet (saw)
  31. 28) The children of Fatimah (sa) are the children of the Prophet (saw)
  32. 29) On the Day of Judgement all family ties will be broken except for those of Fatimah (sa)
  33. 30) Fatimah (sa) will be the first to meet the Holy Prophet (saw) after his passing away
  34. 31) Fatimah (sa) was aware of her own death
  35. 32) On Judgement Day, everyone will lower their gaze on the arrival of Fatimah (sa)
  36. 33) Fatimah will cross the Bridge accompanied with seventy thousand Hurs
  37. 34) On Judgement Day Fatimah (sa) will sit in the carriage of the Holy Prophet (saw)
  38. 35) Fatimah (sa) is the handle of the scale
  39. 36) Fatimah (sa) and her family will be the first to enter Paradise with the Holy Prophet (saw)
  40. 37) On the Day of Judgement Fatimah’s residence will be a white dome under the Throne of Allah (SWT)
  41. 38) The ‘Holy Five’ and their lovers will be together on the Day of Judgement
  42. 39) Ayeshah (ra): Fatimah (sa) is the most superior personality after the Prophet (saw)
  43. 40) Umar bin Khattab (ra): After the Messenger of Allah (saw) Fatimah (sa) is the most beloved personality
  44. Glossary
  45. Bibliography