The Wahhabia Movement: The True Image

This text, prepared and published by Al-Ghadeer Center for Islamic Studies and translated by Hamid S. Atiyyah, reveals the facts about the Wahhabia doctrine and sheds lights on its origins, school of thought, and relation with other sects of Islam.

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  1. Al-Wahhabia and Its Founder
  2. Origins of Wahhabi Thought
  3. Sources of Wahhabi Thought
  4. The Wahhabi doctrine on the Prophet Companions
  5. The Wahhabi doctrine regarding divine attributes
  6. The Wahhabi and Muslim: The Wahhabi bida'(corruption)
  7. The Wahhabi and the Khawarij
  8. The Wahhabi and the Ghulat (Extremists)
  9. Whom does the Wahhabi serve?
  10. The true faith regarding visiting the Prophet's tomb and asking for his intercession
  11. Anti Wahhabia books