The World Finally Speaks At Karbala Tribunals

This text presents the heartbreaking historical facts of the tragedy of Husayn ibn 'Ali (as) for the first time in a courtroom setting and proposes the idea of establishing an international court tribunal to try his killers and the perpetrators of the massacre of Karbala. The author, Dr. Hatem Abu Shahba, presents a mock trial where the evidences in the form of historical documents, statements, and authentic facts are presented to allow for a fair verdict, with the hope that this idea can become a reality one day. Although centuries have passed and the defendants are no longer alive, the human conscience strives to attain justice for the innocent victims of this inhumane tragedy which has no like or similarity in the history of the universe.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Translator’s Foreword
  3. The First Court Session
  4. The Second Court Session
  5. The Third Court Session
  6. The Fourth Court Session
  7. The Fifth Court Session
  8. The Sixth Court Session
  9. The First News Conference
  10. The Seventh Court Session
  11. The Second News Conference
  12. The Eighth Court Session
  13. The Third News Conference
  14. The Ninth Court Session
  15. The Fourth News Conference
  16. The Tenth Court Session
  17. The Eleventh Court Session
  18. The Fifth News Conference
  19. The Twelfth Court Session
  20. The Last Court Session
  21. Urgent Call!!!