Within the Name of God: the Infinitely Good, the Boundlessly Merciful

BELIEF AND IDEOLOGY are the sources and foundations of every valuable system; and every ideology gives form to an organization and affects the behaviour of man whether consciously or unconsciously. Therefore the establishment of such a value system based upon the Islamic beliefs and ideology - which is counted as being abundant and perpetual in their resources - must be engraved upon the heart of man, so that it can offer its sweet fruit and bring forth the felicity of the two worlds.

The Islamic scholars from the very outset of Islam have explained and propagated the beliefs of Islam in different ways. The scholars of theology have written numerous books covering and suitable for many different levels. In this present period while focusing upon more recent issues and doubts, these scholars have written books on distinctive levels. However the books we find in response to modern issues and doubts are on two completely different planes. The first is at a general level offering simple explanations and definitions and the second is much more complex, incorporating difficult and intellectual terminologies in a very condensed text.

Therefore, there remained a place and a need for a book, which could be taught at the intermediate level.

On account of this and due to the suggestions of the manager of the Islamic Propagation Organization (IPO) and with the help of the scholars of the institution Dar rah-e-Haqq, we have compiled this book. The features of this book are as follows:

  1. The topics of this book are organized into a logical order, and when explaining the various issues, references from future lessons are not given.

  2. We have tried our utmost to use simple and clear language and avoid complex and difficult terminologies in our explanations.

  3. We have used clear and evident proofs in order to establish our points and escape complicated reasoning.

  4. We have avoided superfluous information, which usually tires the reader.

  5. As this book is for intermediate studies, we have not employed arguments that require a prior understanding of philosophy, the science of the interpretation of the Qur’an, jurisprudence or the discipline of hadīth. However, in case of necessity we have employed enough premises and given references for those who want to continue research or study in detail about the subject.

  6. The contents of the book are aimed at the students of intermediate level. Each chapter is a complete lesson.

  7. Important issues have been emphasized and sometimes repeated, to ensure a complete and competent understanding.

  8. Every lesson is followed by a list of questions to aid comprehension.

This book without a doubt is not free from error and mistake and I hope that with the help and advice of teachers, these errors and mistakes will be corrected in future editions.

It is greatly hoped that this small effort will be accepted by the Imam (a) of our time (Allah hasten his re- appearance) for the Hawzah ’Illmiyyah (Islamic seminary) to which I am indebted (Islamic seminary), as well as for the martyrs.

Muhammad Taqi Misbah Yazdi


September 1986