When Allah Ta’ala did Aqd (Marriage) of Maola of the Universe Ali (s.a.) and Syyedatun Nisa al-Aalameen Fatima Zahra (s.a.) on Arsh e Mo’alla, then Rasool Allah (s.a.w.a.w.) said: Today I got good news from Allah Ta’ala concerning my brother, son of my uncle and my daughter, and that is Allah Ta’ala has married Ali (s.a.) with Fatima (s.a.), and ordered the treasurer of Jannat Rizwan to shake Tooba Tree, so they shook it, due to shaking leaves fell down equal to the number of friends of Ahlul Bait (s.a.a.). Noori Angels (a.s.) picked up those leaves. When it will the day of Qiyamah, then they will hand over these leaves to them, and these leaves will be certificates of immunity to the Fire of Hell, whichever man or lady will get this certificate, he/she will be saved from Jahannam for the sake of my brother and my daughter. On these leaves it is written:From Ali-al-Jabbaar (Allah) for the Shias of Ali (s.a.) & Fatima (s.a.): Immunity from Fire.