Tragedy of al-Zahra’: Doubts and Responses

The events which al-Zahra' had to undergo and the tribulations were not directed against just her own self, or against her personality as an individual, as much as transgressing firm Islamic principles in order to reach what those who carried them out could not otherwise reach or achieve, matters which they had no right to attain. Al- Zahra' in fact, was a mighty bulwark that stood in the way of the achievement of such unjustified and illegitimate ambitions. This issue emphasized and confirmed the illegitimacy and illegality of such ambitions according to the nation's level of awareness, in her conscience, and in the Islamic and human consciousness as well. This brief review aims at displaying those inquiries which produced some sort of doubts among some people then register observations and provide explanations which clarify things and, God willing,polish the right image and perfect its necessary characteristics, providing explanations or answers to other questions or doubts raised about other issues relevant to al-Zahra' .

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  1. Introduction
  2. Author’s Introduction
  3. Choosing the Tragedy of al-Zahra’ as a Topic
  4. To The Reader
  5. Preface
  6. Part 1: Al-Zahra’ (sa) And Her Tragedy
  7. Part 2: Al-Zahra’ (sa) And The Unknown
  8. Part 3- Digression: Khalid ibn al-Walid and his Father
  9. Part 4: What Al-Mufid Says
  10. Part 5: Kashifal-Ghita’ And Sharafud-Din
  11. Part 6: “Their Love And Respect Deter Them”
  12. Part 7: Why Did Al-Zahra’ Have To Open The Door?
  13. Part 8: From Here And There
  14. Part 9: “I Know Not About The Nail...”
  15. Texts And Legacies
  16. Texts And Legacies From The Fourteen Infallible Ones
  17. Oppressing Al-Zahra’: Centuries-Old Sectarian Arguments
  18. Al-Muhsin In Texts And Legacies
  19. Incident In The Wording Of Traditionists And Historians
  20. Conclusion