Understanding the Month of Glory Lessons on the Month of Ramadhan

Excellent lessons and activities on the month of Ramadhan for children and youth; includes verses from the Qur'an, traditions on fasting, a chant, Ramadhan checklist, reasons for fasting, seaking nearness to God, and much more.

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  1. An Invitation
  2. Verses of the Holy Quran on Ramadhan
  3. Ahadith on Fasting
  4. A Message from the Holy Prophet (S)
  5. Imam Sajjad (a) Welcomes the Month of Ramadhan
  6. The Ramadhan Checklist
  7. A Muslim's Thoughts on Ramadhan
  8. Seeking Nearness to God
  9. The Spring of the Holy Qur'an
  10. Supplicating to the Almighty
  11. Seeking Forgiveness from Allah
  12. Eighteen reasons why a Muslim Fasts
  13. Sympathy for Others
  14. Ramadhan
  15. Eid
  16. Thoughts on Eid