Universal Government of the Mahdi

This text, authored by Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi sheds light on the nature of the universal government that will exist with the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (AFS) at the end of time. His method of government, awaiting his reappearance and the way victory will be achieved by this great peacemaker is discussed and presented.

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  1. Biography of the Author
  2. Introduction
  3. All Curious Persons Ask Themselves
  4. Bright Future
  5. Great Peacemaker among other Nations
  6. Universal Revolution
  7. Necessary Preparations for Universal Government
  8. Waiting
  9. Great Universal Peacemaker in Islamic Resources
  10. Signs of Beginning of Revolution
  11. Characteristics of Shiite Belief about Mahdi and Questions Arose from this Belief
  12. Triple Important Questions
  13. The Way of the Victory of that Great Peacemaker
  14. His Method of Government
  15. False Claimants