Uyun Akhbar Al-reza the Source of Traditions On Imam Reza (a.s.)

  1. Dedication
  2. Translator’s Foreword
  3. Master of the Shrine
  4. Shrine of the Master
  5. A Residence Short-lived
  6. About the Author a Brief Bibliography of the Author
  7. The Author’s Foreword
  8. Chapter One: Why Is Ali Ibn Musa (s) Called Al-reza
  9. Chapter Two: Traditions About Imam Al-reza's Mother and Her Name
  10. Chapter Three: On the Birthdate of Imam Al-reza(s)
  11. Chapter Four: On Imam Al-kazim's (s) Clear Appointment of Imam Al-reza (s)
  12. Chapter Five: On Musa Ibn Ja'far's Will
  13. Chapter Six: On Proofs of Divine Leadership of Al-reza (s) Among the Twelve Imams (s)
  14. Chapter Seven: On Traditions About Musa Ibn Ja’far (s), Harun Ar-rashid and Musa Ibn Al-mahdi
  15. Chapter Eight: Traditions On the Death of Abi Ibrahim Musa Ibn Ja’far Ibn Muhammad Ibn Ali Ibn Al-hussein (s)
  16. Chapter Nine: the Descendants of God's Prophet (s) Said To Have Been Killed By Ar-rashid in One Night After Poisoning Musa Ibn Ja'far (s) - Besides Those Killed By Others
  17. Chapter Ten: On Reasons For the Formation of the Waqifites[117]
  18. Chapter Eleven: On Traditions From Al-reza About Unity
  19. Chapter Eleven: On Traditions From Al-reza About Unity
  20. Chapter Twelve: a Session of Al-reza (s)’s Debate With the Prominent Theologians From Among the Rhetoricians and the Various Religions
  21. Chapter Thirteen: a Session in the Presence of Al-ma’mun of Al-reza’s Debate On Unity With Soleiman Al-marwazi - the Theologian From Khorasan
  22. Chapter Fourteen: Another Session of Al-reza (s) and Al-ma’mun Along With People From Different Nations, and the Rhetoricians, As Well As Imam Al- Reza’s Answers To Muhammad Ibn Al-jahm Regarding the Immaculateness of the Prophets
  23. Chapter Fifteen: Another Session With Al-reza (s) and Al-ma’mun On the Infallibility of the Prophets
  24. Chapter Sixteen: Al-reza's Words On the People of the Ditch
  25. Chapter Seventeen: Imam Al-reza's Words On the Interpretation of the Almighty God's Words, ‘and We Ransomed Him With a Momentous Sacrifice.’[327]
  26. Chapter Eighteen: On Imam Al-reza's Views On the Prophet's Statement, “i Am the Son of the Two Offerings”
  27. Chapter Nineteen: On Al-reza's Words On the Sign of the Imam
  28. Chapter Twenty: On What Al-reza (s) Has Said Regarding Divine Leadership, Its Nobilities and the Rank of the Divine Leader
  29. Chapter Twenty-one: Al-reza’s Words On the Marriage of the Blessed Lady Fatima (s)
  30. Chapter Twenty-two: On What Al-reza (s) Said About Faith That Is Recognition of Paradise, Verbal Confession and Physical Action
  31. Chapter Twenty-three: On Al-reza’s Debates With Al-ma’mun Regarding the Difference Between Family (itra) and Nation
  32. Chapter Twenty-four: On Al-reza’s Words About the Man From Syria and His Questions From the Commander of the Faithful (s) in the Kufa Mosque
  33. Chpater Twenty-five: On What Is Narrated By Al-reza (s) About Zayd Ibn Ali
  34. Chapter Twenty-six: On Rare Traditions From Al-reza About Various Issues
  35. Chapter Twenty-seven: On What Al-reza (s) Said About Harut and Marut
  36. Chapter Twenty-eight: On Various Traditions From Imam Ali Ibn Musa Al-reza (s)
  37. Chapter Twenty-eight: On Various Traditions From Imam Ali Ibn Musa Al-reza (s)
  38. Chapter Twenty-nine: What Has Been Narrated From Al-reza (s) On the Characteristics of the Prophet (s)
  39. Chapter Thirty: Various Traditions From Al-reza (s)