The Author’s Foreword

Al-Sahib al-Jalil Isma’il ibn Abbad - May God be pleased with him - has respectfully expressed greetings for Al-Ridha’ (a.s.) and said,

O you who intend to go and visit Toos,

land of purity and sanctification,

Recite my greetings to Al-Ridha’ and stop by

the most honorable grave of the best buried one.

By God! By God! This is an oath, which is issued

from a sincere one who is clinging to friendship!

Verily, if I possessed my own need,

I would reside at Toos, the inhabited.

Verily, it is the place of the martyr wrapped in

righteousness, famous for exaltedness and praise.

O son of the Prophet through whom God broke

the backs of the arrogant tyrants!

O son of the Testamentary Trustee1 who was the most

meritorious of powerful men, attained perfect pride and

naturally accompanied glory!

In another short poem he has also said,

O visitor who got up early, ran,

and walked like lightning when it flashes,

Recite my greetings to my master Al-Ridha’,

Who is at Toos,

The grandson of the chosen Prophet,

son of al-Murtadha, the Testamentary Trustee,

Who attained firm exaltedness and built white glory!

Say to him: (These greetings) are from a loyal one

who regards friendship as obligatory!

  1. Or ‘Wasi in Arabic; the one who will superintend my affairs.