Uyun Akhbar Ar-Ridha Volume 2

The Source Of Traditions On Imam Ridha’ (A.S.)

This is the second volume of the book Uyun Akhbar Ar-Ridha, which is not only a detailed account of the Biography of our Eighth Imam Abul Hassan Ali ibni Musa Ar-Ridha a.s. and a narration of the life-story of the Imam AS’ but it gives an insight into the erudition and holiness of the Imam AS. and the narration of His ahadith which has gone down in history as “Al-Silsilatul Dhahabiyyah” (The Golden Chain) that is transmitted from Imam to Imam from The Prophet SAWW. The second volume starts from chapter 31 and ends at chapter 69, each of which treats a certain topic related to the Imam AS. The Imam AS brilliant expose on Imamah and the difference between ‘itrah’ and ‘ummah’ are recorded in this book.

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  1. Dedication
  2. Chapter 31: Traditions about Ar-Ridha’ (a.s.)
  3. Chapter 32: On Ar-Ridha’’s Words on the Reasons for Various Things
  4. Chapter 33: On What Ar-Ridha’ (a.s.) Wrote Regarding the Reasons (Behind the Decrees) in Response to Questions by Muhammad ibn San’an
  5. Chapter 34: The Reasons Cited by Al-Fazl ibn Shazan
  6. Chapter 35: On What Ar-Ridha’ (a.s.) Wrote for Al-Ma’mun Regarding Pure Islam and the Religious Decrees
  7. Chapter 36: On Ar-Ridha’’s Entry to Neishaboor and Where He Resided
  8. Chapter 37: On What Ar-Ridha’ (a.s.) said Upon Leaving Marba’at Neishaboor to See Al-Ma’mun
  9. Chapter 38: A Rare Tradition From Ar-Ridha’ (a.s.)
  10. Chapter 39: On the Departure of Ar-Ridha’ (a.s.) from Neishaboor Towards Toos and Marv
  11. Chapter 40: On The Reasons why Ali ibn Musa Ar-Ridha’ (a.s.) accepted the succession to the throne from Al-Ma’mun, what Went On, those who were displeased and those who were pleased
  12. Chapter 41: On Ar-Ridha’ (a.s.) Praying for Rain On the Request of Al-Ma’mun, Display of the Honorable the Exalted God’s Power by Fulfilling His Request and the Destruction of Those who Denied This
  13. Chapter 42: On the Plans of Al-Ma’mun for Fending off the People From the Meetings of Ar-Ridha’ (a.s.), Belittling him, and on the Cursing of Al-Ma’mun
  14. Chapter 43: On Poems About Patience and Silence in Front of the Ignorant, and Not Treating Friends With Reproach, and Attracting the Enemy So That He Becomes Friends and on Hiding Secrets
  15. Chapter 44: On Ar-Ridha’’s Noble Characteristics and His Worshipping
  16. Chapter 45: On What Al-Ma’mun did to Please Ar-Ridha’ (a.s.): His Debates With the Opponents Regarding Divine Leadership and Ali’s Nobility
  17. Chapter 46: On What has been Narrated by Ar-Ridha’ (a.s.) Regarding the Proofs for the Divine Leaders (a.s.), and the Rejection of the Boasters and Those who Believe in God Turning Over the Affairs - May God Damn Them
  18. Chapter 47: On Indications of the Divine Leadership of Ar-Ridha’ (a.s.)
  19. Chapter 48: On the Proof of Ar-Ridha’’s Rightfulness Due to the Acceptance of His Prayers by God the Honorable the Exalted Against Bakkar ibn Abdullah ibn Mos’ab ibn az-Zobayr ibn Bakkar Who Had Oppressed Him
  20. Chapter 49: On Proof of Ar-Ridha’’s Rightfulness Due to Predicting that He (a.s.) Would not See Baghdad, And Neither Would Baghdad See Him (a.s.)
  21. Chapter 50: On Proof of Ar-Ridha’’s Rightfulness Due to the Acceptance by God the Honorable the Exalted of his prayers for the Barmakites
  22. Chapter 51: On the Proof of His Rightfulness Due to Ar-Ridha’’s (a.s.) Prediction that He Will be Buried Next to Harun
  23. Chapter 52: On Traditions Related to Ar-Ridha’’s (a.s.) Being Martyred With Poison and Being Buried Next to Harun Al-Rashid
  24. Chapter 53: On Ar-Ridha’’s Insight and His Recognition of the Faithful Believers and the Hypocrites
  25. Chapter 54: On Ar-Ridha’’s Knowledge of All the Languages
  26. Chapter 55: On the Proof of Ar-Ridha’’s Rightfulness Due to His Replying to Al-Hassan ibn Ali al-Vosha’s Questions Before he could ask them
  27. Chapter 56: On Ar-Ridha’’s Answer to Abi Qorrah - a friend of the Catholic Archbishop
  28. Chapter 57: On What Ar-Ridha’ (a.s.) said on the Subject of Divine Leadership to Yahya ibn ad-Dhahhak al-Samarqandi in the Presence of Al-Ma’mun
  29. Chapter 58: On What Ar-Ridha’ (a.s.) told his Brother Zayd ibn Musa When Zayd was Being Haughty in Al-Ma’mun’s Presence and What Ar-Ridha’ (a.s.) said About Mistreating the Shiites
  30. Chpater 59: On Reasons for Which Al-Ma’mun Martyred Ali ibn Musa Ar-Ridha’ (a.s.) with Poison
  31. Chapter60: On Ar-Ridha’s Appointment of his son Muhammad ibn Ali (a.s.) as the Imam and his Successor
  32. Chapter 61: On The Martyrdom of Ar-Ridha’ (a.s.) Due to Being Murdered by Al-Ma’mun With Poison
  33. Chapter 62: Another Tradition From the Shiites on the Death of Ar-Ridha’ (a.s.)
  34. Chapter 63: On What Abu Salt Al-Harawi Has Narrated About Ar-Ridha’ Being Martyred With Poisoned Grapes
  35. Chapter 64: On What (Abu Habib) Harthama ibn A’yan Narrated About the Martyrdom of Ar-Ridha’ by Being Poisoned With Pomegranates and Grapes
  36. Chapter 65: On An Elegy Recited About Ar-Ridha’ (a.s.)
  37. Chapter 66: On the Reward of Visiting the Shrine of Imam Ali ibn Musa Ar-Ridha’ (a.s.)
  38. Chapter 67: On the Reward of Visiting the shrine of Fatima - the Daughter of Imam Musa ibn Ja’far (a.s.) in Qum
  39. Chapter 68: On Visiting Ar-Ridha’(a.s.) in Toos
  40. Chapter 69: On What Has Become Apparent For The People Of Our Time From The Blessings And Signs Of This Place Of Martyrdom, And The Fulfillment Of Prayers There