Wahhabis Fitna Exposed

This text is a detailed and well-referenced reply to the booklet “What is Shi’aism?” which has been printed in Nairobi and distributed throughout East Africa by the Wahhabis, in order to spread discord.It has been written not to hurt the feelings of anyone; but to differentiate fact from fiction, and to clear the air against Shiaism.

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  1. About The Book
  2. Preface
  3. This is Shi’ism
  4. A Glance at the Booklet “What is Shi’aism?”
  5. Infallibility of the Imams
  6. Tahrif
  7. Hadith
  8. Bada’
  9. Sahaba (Companions)
  10. Fatwas
  11. Taqiyah
  12. Epilogue