Ahadith: singular of hadith, a statement (usually attributed either to the Prophet [pbuh] or to one of the members of his Progeny [as] or companions)

Bid`a: (singular of bida`) an innovation in the religion, something introduced as part of the Islamic creed, as a Sunnah, and which is not

Faqih: jurist, one who is knowledgeable in fiqh, Islamic jurisprudence

Fiqh: the science of Islamic jurisprudence

Hadith: (singular) tradition, a statement made by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh); its plural is: ahadith

Janabah: uncleanness caused by seminal discharge

Musnad: a compilation of traditions (ahadith) which are consecutively and chronologically traced to their transmitters

Sahaba: (plural) companions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh); singular: sahabi

Sahabi: companion (e.g. of the Holy Prophet), one of the sahabah

Sahih: literally: authentic, correct, accurate; it is generally used to refer to the collection, group of collections, or book, of verified and authenticated ahadith of the Holy Prophet (pbuh)

Shari`a: Islam's legislative system

Tabi`een: plural of tabi`, one who follows and learns from a Sahabi

Tabi`i: (singular:) one who accompanied for a good period of time and learned from a sahabi, a companion of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh); its plural is: tabi`een

Tawhid: the concept of the absolute Unity of God, the belief that God is One and indivisible, One and Only One God

Turba: literally: soil; in this text, it refers to a piece of soil taken out of the area where Imam Husain (as) is buried And surely Allah knows best...