Womens Issues Made Simple

Explains in a clear language the special rules Muslim women must follow during their menstrual cycles and at other times to achieve ritual purity. It has as its strengths, a systematic layout that helps to chart the sometimes complicated territory that these rules have come to form. The copious use of examples and scenarios greatly helps to make the laws and rules accessible and understandable. Hence, this book goes a long way in filling the large vacuum and need that exists for practical guidance on this subject.

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  1. Author’s Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. Preamble
  4. Istihadha
  5. Rules of Istihadha
  6. Haidh (Menstruation or Period)
  7. Miscellaneous Points regarding Haidh
  8. Nifas (Blood of Childbirth)
  9. Fasting Related Issues
  10. Miscellaneous Issues
  11. Menopause
  12. Glossary of Terms
  13. References
  14. Changes after Printing