Yazid was Never Amirul Muminin

This book corrects the claim made by those who say Yazid was Amirul Muminin (Commander of the believers), with proofs and evidence from the traditions (ahadith) of the Prophet (s) and the books of prominent Muslim scholars.

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  1. Prologue
  2. Foreword
  3. It is Not an Innovation of The Shi’as
  4. Installation of Yazid as Ruler
  5. What Yazid did as a Ruler
  6. What the Sunni Scholars Have Said
  7. What the Prophet (S) Said Regarding Yazid
  8. What The Imams And Sheikhs Say
  9. Wahabis Contradict the Sunnah!
  10. Appendix: Open Letter to All Sunni Imams and Preachers
  11. Imam Husayn’s Message to the Army of Yazid