This is the 3rd volume in this series contains answers to questions asked from January, 1972 to March, 1975. These questions cover a wide range of burning topics of modern times.

The popularity of the 1st two volumes has convinced us of the usefulness of this venture; and the Mission hopes that this volume will be even more widely read.

These questions were received from correspondents residing in East Africa, UK, Europe, Canada, USA, Pakistan and India. We have omitted the names for obvious reason. This series is published for the benefit of our Shia Ithna-aseri youths.

The Mission is grateful to Mr.Murtaza Bandali, Dar-es-Salaam, for his help in checking the proof and making useful suggestions.

S. SAEED AKHTAR RIZVI Dar-es-Salaam 31st December, 1975.