Q80: Brushing the Teeth in Saum

Is it allowed in Saum to brush teeth with any toothpaste, if it does not reach the throat? A. Yes, it is allowed.


I have read that if a person is fasting a Sunnah fast and he goes to a Mu'min, and is offered some food, he should break his fast; in this there is greater reward. Now should we break Sunnah Fast

i. if there is Niyaz (feast) in Husainiyah, Imambara or Mehfil?

ii. If we are invited to attend a party by a Mu'min?

(a) if we knew about the Niyaz or Party the previous day? Or

(b) If we learnt about the Niyaz or Party after commencing the fast?

And what will be the reward?

A. The main purpose of this rule is two-fold: First, pleasing a Mu'min brother and making him happy by accepting his invitation without giving any excuse is more important than a Sunnah Fast. Secondly, the Sheri'ah does not like that we should broadcast that we have kept a Sunnah Fast.

It has been greatly emphasized that we should try our best to maintain our Sunnah actions a secret. It will protect us from pride and self aggrandizement.

Keeping these basic factors in view, you should be able to answer your questions yourself. There is no difficulty if you did not know of the party beforehand. If you are invited during your fast, you should accept the invitation; and you will still get the thawab of that Sunnah Fast. But if you were already invited before starting your fast and you intended to attend that party then how could you make the Niyyat of Fast (which means fast upto sunset')?


Many years back President Bourghiba of Tunisia made a speech in the holy month of Ramadhan in front of thousands of people. He drank juice in front of them all and said this country could develop only if we discontinued fasting business. What do you think about fasting? Will it last in future?

A. Even one East African leader had this very idea. But our religion, Islam, is an optimistic religion. We believe that the future is ours. Imam Mahdi (a.s.) is awaiting the Command of Allah to reappear and spread true Islam everywhere Therefore, you should not worry about the future of prayer or fasting. You should really worry about the future of those who do not pray or do not fast.


How is it that an injection breaks the fast?

A.An injection does not invalidate the test But any injection which is used in place of food should be avoided.


Will you please elaborate how zakah is to be paid and how much? Since I get paid from my job every 2weeks, may I pay this percentage out of each pay-check rather than once a year? Is it a percentage of my net or gross income?

A. I am sending you the August 73 issue of the Light from which you will understand that in Shi'a Sheri'ah currency notes or cheques etc., are not liable to Zakah. Zakah is wajib and is levied on cow, buffalo, camel, goat sheep, wheat, barley, date, grape, gold and silver.

In gold and silver, it is necessary that they should be coins, reach the minimum weight (72 gram gold or 405 gram silver) and remain with you for one year without being changed with other coins. As these conditions are not fulfilled in the case mentioned in your question, you are not liable to pay Zakah.

Anyhow, if you want to help a poor Mu'min or spend money in the way of Allah, you may do so as "Sadaqa" without the Niyyat of Zakah.


How much should a fanner give as zakah?

A. Zakah on agricultural produce is Wajib on the following items: (1) Grape, (2) Date, (3) Wheat and (4) Barley; and it is Mustahab on paddy.

If the produce is 847 kg, then Zakah is Wajib. if the produce was irrigated by rain or canal, then Zakah is 10% if it was irrigated by well or machines, than its rate is 5% If both methods were used then the rate is 7½ %.


I have a business into which I invest all my profits. Nothing is saved and kept apart. I pay Khumus regularly. I also give monef to various charities. Please tell me if I have to pay Zakah, and how?

A. Here Zakah is not wajib. But it is Mustahab to give Zakah on trade-goods. There are some conditions for it, important among them are the following:-

  1. That the total value of the goods is no less than the value of 405 gram silver or 72 gram gold at any time during the year.

  2. That the capital does not decrease during the year.

If these two conditions are fulfilled then it is Sunnah to pay zakah on the whole trade goods at the rate of business was started.


If a person has earned his capital by Halal and Haram means together, can that capital be pure if Khums is paid from it?

A. If Halal and Haram earnings are mixed in such a way that they cannot be separated, and you do not know the real owner of the money which you got by Haram means, and you do not know whether that Haram money is less than one-fifth of the total or more than one-fifth, then you must take out Khumus from it and the remaining four-fifths will be Halal for you.


What is the minimum amount of "Mahr" that is lawful in Islam? Please state the amount of money in U.S. dollars.

A. "Mahr" can be anything which has some value in the eyes of common people. And there is no limit as to the minimum or maximum amount. Any amount agreed upon by the would- be husband and wife is legal - even one dollar is perfectly legal, if it is so agreed upon. A haram (prohibited in shariah) thing (Like liquor or pork) cannot be given as Mahr.


A) Suppose a Muslim girl marries a non-Muslim, say a Hindu or so, can she still be called a Muslim?

A. If she still believes in the tenets of Islam, she will be called a Muslim, though one is committing a capital sin.

B) Is it a sin if she does so? Why?

A. Yes. It is a capital sin. Marriage of a Muslim girl with a non-Muslim boy is not valid; it is no marriage at all. And every time they sleep together, they will be committing the sin of 'Zina' (fornication). God says in the Qur'an:

"and marry not your women to idolator men until they believe; a believer slave is better than an idolater (free) man even though he may allure you." (Qur'an 2.221). And He says:-

"The fomicatress and fornicator, you scourge each of them with a hundred stripes, and let not pity for them keep you away from enforcing the sentence of God."(Qur'an, 24:2) C) Is going against parents for this reason a sin or only a misbehaviour?

A. Yes. It is another capital sin.

D) Can this thing be possible. Or is it a sin which is unforgivable?

A. So long as one persists in any sin, that sin is unforgivable.

E) What if pure love exists between such two people, should they ignore it and ruin their life?

A. Well, if it is a "pure" love, then why not remain separate and follow the commandments of Allah? 'Pure love' does not demand sexual intercourse. And it is better to "ruin" your life in this world, rather than ruining it in the hereafter.