In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Merciful

Have a look thoughout this huge universe…

. Sun and moon are responsible for lightening the earth and the heaven at day and night and without them, this whole universe will fall in horrible darkness, in addition, they have other responsibilities, too.

Night and day, also, are responsible for following each other in this timely division of the day. Daytime is for activity and living, while night for sleeping and resting. And without this timely and accurate organization, the life order would have been in a total disorder; being that the day will be long without a night after, it or a long night without day after it.

The air that flows here and there…if not for it transferring breathable to us, we would have been in a state of suppression.

Sweet water that flows from rivers, and other sources of water, that quenches people and animal's thirst, as well as, watering the farms and gardens…and the salty sea that carries ships and allows millions of fishes to live in it, and Turn your face toward this broad world… Do you see anything in it without having a certain responsibility or responsibilities?

The sun and the moon are responsible for lighting the earth and the sky in the daytime and at night…and without these lights and lamps, the whole universe would have been in a complete these birds that fly in the sky and walk on the land, the ants and even the wild animals in the bush…all these have their own work and responsibilities.

If this is the case, then what of the human being who is the best of all these creatures in the sight of Allah?

From the beginning of this world, the Almighty Allah defined, for man, his responsibility: (He said: I will create a vicegerent on earth) (Holy Qur'an: 2:30). From that time man knows the nature of his responsibility: (We did indeed offer the trust to the Heaven and the Earth and the Mountains; but they refused to undertake it, being afraid thereof; but man undertook it…) (Holy Qur'an: 33:72), i.e., he undertook the responsibility of developing the earth, based on the will of Allah.

Thus, the whole universe is responsible…from the smallest to the biggest. You cannot see anything without having a certain responsibility; which may be known or unknown to you. The other creatures are bound to follow the line cleared for it, i.e. they perform their responsibilities based on the system defined by the Almighty Allah. The only creature that has choice and will is man…he- based on the nature of his creation- is obliged to do his own duty and responsibility or be refrained from it. Based on his choice - performing or not performing his duty - the results will be a success or a failure.

Allah's will wants the worldly life to be a workshop of deeds and actions, as well, as a field of competition for goods (He Who created Death and Life, that He may try which of you is best in deed) (Holy Qur'an: 67:2). Till when these competitions end, since our father Adam till the last creature on earth, then the Day of Resurrection will approach us; the caller will call in a loud voice: (But stop them, for they must be asked) (Holy Qur'an: 37: 24).

There are many questions to be asked: What have you done with your responsibilities? Have you performed them as expected? Why have you performed some and left some others? Have you done them seeking Allah's pleasure or you have done them just for the sake of personal and worldly benefits? And so on….

In a short note, the Almighty Allah has created every creature for a certain purpose and responsibility, and He guided and gave him the ability to discharge that responsibility. There is no creature, in this world, that doesn't know the responsibility or responsibilities, which he was created for. The broad universe, with all its earth, water and sky, was brought into being for the purpose of serving man and, likewise, man was charged with the development of the world, it is not a joke or a play (Did ye then think that We had created you in jest) (Holy Qur'an: 23:110), (Does man think that he will be left uncontrolled -without purpose-?) (Holy Qur'an: 75:36)

Man without Responsibilities

Have you ever thought about a man without responsibility? Would you think about seeing yourself free from any responsibility in life? Then how would the shape of life be?

Indeed, a life that is free from responsibility is just like schools without work and assignments, the students are not feeling any sense of responsibility and law, and therefore, how can studies continue in such a school? And how can the end result be achieved? And how will we be able to differentiate between a hard working student and a lazy one, a successful one from an unsuccessful student? By mere thinking about an empty life, in which a man doesn't find his humanity through being a responsible person, it makes us feel the feeling of jest and a joke, because it becomes only the life of instincts.

When you live in a state of feeling responsibility in your house, then you are living in a moral state towards other members of your family. A father has his own responsibility toward his children and wife, the wife has her own responsibility towards her husband and children and, likewise, the children have their own responsibility towards their parents and themselves. If we are free from all these, then, the system and arrangement of the family will be under great danger. The father will not feel the responsibilities of his wife and children towards him.

A world that is free from responsibilities, is a world that is full of corruption, wars and an unlimited misunderstanding, it is a total breakdown. An example of a responsible person is like a captain of a ship, if he leaves the ship unguided in a highly wind situation, it means he has surrendered it, and its passengers, to a great and deadly danger.

Therefore, among the beautifulness and wisdom of this universe is the responsibility that surrounds it and the competition in doing good.

The Beginning of Responsibility

Here you are leaving your childhood playground in order to start a new life…leaving a stage in which you were not responsible…it was your parents who were taking the responsibility for your growth and education…today the situation has changed. You are still closer to them, benefiting from the care, but you are not like that small child…many things have changed in you, physically and spiritually. Now, you are entering the world of big men; you have turned from a child to a man.

These changes, that occur in all young boys and girls, is a natural change for both of them and, likewise, is a new stage in the world of responsibilities…from a playful child to a responsible man or woman. In this stage, called 'the adolescent' stage, a young boy or girl will be responsible in the sight of Allah, the Almighty; he must be obliged to perform some duties prescribed for him to the end of his life.

What does this mean?

It means a youth - no difference between a boy and a girl - from that day on will be the same as the grown up ones in the field of responsibility and account. Me, my father and mother, who came before me, are responsible for their work and, likewise, I am responsible for my work.

The time of dependence, looseness and childhood play has passed; it is the stage of hardwork that is knocking on the door. In this wide and big work, which you are responsible for it; it is closer to a workshop, in that you are working toward a particular purpose, which is seeking Allah's pleasure: (O man! Verily thou art ever toiling on towards thy Lord painful toiling, but thou shalt meet Him) (Holy Qur'an: 84:6).