On the Path of Responsibility

The Responsibilities are Knowledge: Know the details of the responsibilities in order to know what your duty is, and, also, know its importance so that you will react with it and strive towards achieving it.

"Be engaged in the thing that you will be responsible for ", so, whoever becomes busy with something of less importance, wastes the most important…there is not enough time in life for marginal matters that are not of great importance. Monotony and dullness kills the spirit of responsibility…try and change the method of your relationship with responsibilities, and not to be a standstill in a certain condition. Because being at a standstill and blind imitation will turn responsibilities into a heavy load that a middle age man cannot carry.

Do not delay your responsibilities because they will accumulate and at last will become difficult to discharge. It is reported in a hadith: "Beware of stalling, because it is a river where people sink". Deal with responsibility with an open spirit, as if you are the one who drags it to yourself in order to be able to discharge it as expected. Loving responsibility makes your product improve.

Responsibility has an effect on man's personality; the more time that is spent on discharging a particular responsibility, the more mature your intellect will be, and, likewise, so your power of resistance, experience and knowledge.

Laziness and weariness are enemies of discharging responsibility: "Beware of laziness and weariness, because a lazy person cannot fight for right and a bored man cannot seek his rights." Laziness, inactiveness and lukewarmness in discharging duties is a great block in discharging responsibility.

The collective spirit in discharging responsibility helps in reducing its burden; helps in inventing, as well as feeling the responsibilty in achieving common missions which bring far goals closer. Reading the Holy Qur'an and authentic hadith encourages one in discharging his responsibility. But what are they? How can we deal with them? How can we accept them with an open heart? How can we understand the present and future outcomes? Thus, it is necessary for young Muslims boys and girls to depend on these two sources in order to know their responsibilities.

Outcomes of being Adhered to Responsibility

Discharging any responsibility in the best way may result in one or more of the following outcomes:

Holding the principle of responsibility opens the door to freedom without any darkness. Subsequently, it is the necessity of responsibility to close doors of deviation, disorder and anarchy.

One of the natures of Islamic responsibility is that it opens a wider field of goodness; there is no limit to the increment of good in all responsibilities.

Responsibility directs man's activities and makes it valuable, i.e., it will turn a responsible man, who is carrying responsibility, to a man of aim and goals who cannot move without having intended goals.

As responsibility tries to create an understanding between opinions and actions, and the views of a Muslim youth, girls and boys, concerning any responsibility on their shoulder, likewise, it encourages them to discharge their duties. Islamic responsibility is out of any geographical boundary; its distance is the whole world. It is true that close relatives are worthier of goodness, but we are responsible for reforming the whole world. But, if this responsibility stands only on the borderline, we will not have seen the kind of propagation of Islam that occurred in every part of the world.

Responsibility with its spirit of commitment, decreases and limits the circles of deviation, crimes, treason and other forms of downfall and all kinds of failure, laziness and dependence. A responsible man respects the requirements of his role in life.

Responsibility in Islam creates a condition of harmony and conformity between Allah's will and that of His servant (a Muslim). They are not two wills, rather it is a single will…Allah requests and man obeys and discharges, i.e., he practices the will of Allah and commits it into practice on earth "The response of the believers, when they are invited to Allah and His Apostle that he may judge between them, is only to say: We hear and we obey; and these it is that we are the successful." (Holy Qur'an: 24:51).

Positive examples who shouls undertake their responbibilities in the best way and be provocative tools in order to be followed by those who tarry or disown from its burdens. And as long as the other young man or woman has the acapability of performing this or that responsibility, I, also, have the capability of performing this or that misson.

A set of Islamic responsibilities maintain the reformation of life and changing the deviated views and feelings, and they cannot be achieved unless through a responsible person and a responsible society. The degree of enduring the heaviness of responsibility, in the world justifies the degree of reward or punishment in the hereafter. It is similar to the annual hardworking of a student in school, a chance that will give an increment in reward for anyone who wants increment.


When the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) said: "All of you are shepherds and all of you are responsible for his subjects", he made every Muslim responsible whatever his position in the society is, so that nobody can say: 'I am not assigned this work…it is the duty of others.'"

From here, the condition of despair, pessimism and frustration that are seen in most Muslim communities requires a youth who is well versed in what is going on, to work hard in order to remove this block from people's way, as well as, working in order to put the spirit of action and hope in them. We should always remember that (So verily, with every difficulty, there is relief. Verily, with every difficulty there is relief). (Holy Qur'an: Inshirah: 5-6).

Opening the door of dialogue based on the basis of respecting others' views, even if they are against ours, is a responsibility of a youth at this time where all doors are opened. This is because the process of knowing each other, as requested by the Almighty Allah, for nations starts with respecting those who have a different view from us.

There is, also, the responsibility of developing feelings of criticism of any opinion and view by tabling it for discussion, even though it is not just a matter of disorder rather it needs planning (I only desire (you) betterment to the best of my ability) (Holy Qur'an: 11: 88). All Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.